Millie Bobby Brown to debut as screenwriter ahead of Stranger Things 5 ​​and wedding to Bon Jovi

Debut as a writer at the age of nineteen Millie Bobby Brownwho became a world star as El/Undi in the saga very strange things, chose a personal, familiar and distant story. WITH nineteen steps (nineteen steps) the actress tells a story inspired by the life of her grandmother and set in wartime London in 1942.

The book, which will be released on September 12 and will be published by William Morrow & Co (Harper Collins), can already be pre-ordered in Italy in the original (at the moment there is no news about the publication in our language). This story follows the cheerful eighteen-year-old Nellie Morris, who lives a quiet life in the tight-knit East End of London’s Bethnal Green and whose love life seems to have already been marked: everyone thinks she will marry Billy, the boy next door, whom he always been kind to her, but the arrival of a handsome American pilot puts everything in doubt. However, Nellie’s very life will be called into question after a tragic air raid accident that will have repercussions for the girl and her family.

Introducing the book, Millie Bobby Brown called it “a very personal story of love, loss and longing, inspired by my family’s experiences during World War II.” Nellie’s character is inspired by that of her grandmother Ruth, a survivor of the March 1943 accident at Bethnal Green tube station that killed 173 people due to a crowd that formed after an air raid.

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Born in Spain to English parents who ran a restaurant in Marbella, from the age of four to seven, Millie lived in England, in Bournemouth, then in the USA in Orlando, Florida, where the girl began acting school, the agent marks her and offers to take her to Los Angeles. Angeles for screen tests. After several small roles in various series, casting for the role of Eleven changed her life. In addition to the successful series during these years, he worked in the cinema Godzilla and in two chapters Enola Holmes dedicated to the sister of Sherlock Holmes.

The worldwide success also provoked a psychological reaction. He told us a while back, “Me and Finn[Wolfhard, he’s Mike on the show]and I have anxiety issues, and this thing brought us really close. when we compare ourselves to people who have walked exactly our path and end up saying, “I felt it too.” We are really lucky to have these opportunities and what we can do now is to take advantage of the fact that young children all over the world understand that they too can make their dreams come true.”

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Hence, perhaps, the decision to try a different path than acting. For now, the actress’s book is on standby, awaiting filming for the final season of Upside Down, currently blocked by a writers’ strike that has been going on non-stop since May 2. Despite the gratitude he feels for The Duffer Brothers and from the show that made her world famous, the actress decided to give up her millionaire title for a spin-off and close with Eleven at the end of the fifth season.

Millie Bobby Brown marries Jake Bongiovi. Social Media Announcement

Chiara Ugolini

Among the obligations of the actress then there will be marriage with a boyfriend. Jake Bon Jovi, musician and actor, son of John, with whom he lived for three years. The date has not yet been set, and given the young age of the betrothed (he is 21 years old), of course, there is nowhere to rush, but the project continues despite the disagreements, so much so that the VIP father himself had to intervene: “Age does not matter,” he said. Meanwhile, on June 1, the engagement between them took place, where Millie demonstrated an almost wedding look: a white lace two-piece suit signed by Giambattista Valli.

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