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In order to strengthen access to new and better oncology treatments for cancer patients, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) purchases high-cost oncology medicines that are not included in the Single National Need for Medicines (PNUME), closing the gap in the provision of medicines for cancer patients in this way New treatments.

In this sense, Health Minister Cesar Vásquez has made the fight against cancer a priority within his administration and, in line with the commitment made in President Dina Boluate’s message, is working on Take important steps to improve access to new oncology treatments.

The Ministry of Health noted that cancer is a public health problem in Peru that requires the simultaneous implementation of multiple interventions, including the promotion of healthy lifestyles, hepatitis B virus vaccination and Human papillomavirus.

Likewise, strengthen early cancer screening and diagnosis, timely management of precancerous lesions, and diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancer, including palliative care and rehabilitation.

Víctor Palacios, Director of Cancer Prevention and Control at Minsa, reports that there has been a gap in access to new treatments in oncology services for 15 years.

“Thanks to the MEF’s budget allocation, the process of closing the gap in access to new oncology treatments has begun, implementing the provisions of the National Cancer Act, which is regulated to put patients first and put them at the forefront of all our center of effort,” he noted.

Likewise, the procurement and supply of 57 oncology drugs considered strategic in Minsa’s oncology services has not been stopped, authorizing their use to cancer patients covered by the Peruvian National Police, the Armed Forces and other public insurance policies of Exalud.

“Getting medicines to cancer patients is a public health priority, and our goal is that cancer patients have immediate access to the treatment they need,” Palacios said.

He believes that in the face of the impact of El Niño, we are also evaluating strategies to ensure that strategic resources are provided for cancer prevention and control.

Among them, the approval, access and use of pertuzumab stands out, having been approved by RENETSA, including its use in patients with metastatic breast cancer of the HER-2 subtype, in compliance with the implementation of the national cancer law.

The Minsa Agency for Cancer Prevention and Control purchases other drugs for SIS cancer patients through Cenares, such as: Pembrolizumab (immunotherapy), pemetrexed and fulvestrant.

Likewise, pegylated asparaginase, idarubicin, nilotinib, sorafenib, clofarabina, lapatinib, liposomal doxorubicin, nivolumab, levis Nalidomide, denosumab, plerixafor, osimertinib, alectinib, methalan, subcutaneous rituximab, arsenic trioxide, and olaparib are expected to be rapidly available and distributed.

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Release date: September 14, 2023

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