Miracle in India: 41 workers rescued from the collapsed tunnel after 17 days – Latest news from around the world

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    The tunnel collapsed during road works in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. A search and rescue operation began for 41 workers trapped under the rubble.

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    In order to rescue the workers, a road was opened by digging tons of rocks with special equipment.

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    Work was going slowly due to frequent machinery breakdowns. During this period, the area where the workers were trapped was supplied with oxygen with the help of a special tube.

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    Water and food were also delivered to the workers. The work yielded results and 41 workers were rescued from the rubble alive after 17 days.

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    41 workers rescued from the collapsed tunnel were taken to hospital.

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    Nitin Gadkari, India’s Minister of Road Transport and Highways, announced in his post on the social media platform X that all 41 workers were rescued from the rubble after 17 days.

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    Gadkari noted that the rescue operation was one of the most important operations in recent years, and stressed that the efforts were well coordinated.

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    In his statement from X, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked everyone involved in the rescue efforts and noted that he was happy that the efforts were safe.

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    Rescue officials announced that 41 ambulances in the area were heading towards the surrounding health centers for all the rescued workers.

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    They survived with yoga

    He stated that the workers were able to survive during this period by sleeping, practicing yoga, and talking frequently.

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