Misogynistic Lyrics Banned in Concert Halls in Mexico

stop at songs with misogynistic lyrics: northwestern Mexican state authorities chihuahua they have forbidden artists to perform certain songs at live music venues. This means stars like Bud Bunny or Peso Pluma may no longer be welcome.

The state capital, which borders the United States, passed a law banning singers from performing songs that promote violence against women.

The situation in Chihuahua

Pan Councilor Patricia Uleith, who presented the reform to the city council, argues that “harsh realities, including serious attacks on women and a sustainable culture masculinity — prompted lawmakers to take action last week against advocacy of gender-based violence.

chihuahua-banned misogyny-songs
Patricia Uleite of the Pan Party, member of the Chihuahua City Council.

Violators risk fine up to 64 thousand euros (1.2 million pesos), and the money raised will be donated to municipal programs for women and shelters for victims of domestic violence. However, lawmakers insist that the law does not intend to affect any particular musical genre.

“Chihuahua is one of five municipalities in the state with an alarming situation declared due to high infection rates. structural violence against womensaid Ulate, head of the city commission for women, families and gender equality.

“Any action that contributes to the eradication of this culture is important” also because domestic violence reported in the city they are on the rise.

Licensing reform

The amendment to the licensing laws will apply to events regulated by the Council. The city’s mayor, Marco Bonilla, said fines would be imposed on “anyone who (sings) songs that promote gender violence.”

chihuahua-banned misogyny-songs
Puerto Rican reggaeton star Bud Bunny

He called such actions a “pandemic”, with seven out of 10 calls to the city police related to domestic abuse. “Live music What it objectifies and sexualizes women would be considered a form of aggression.” Bonilla said.

This means that popular Puerto Rican reggaeton star Bad Bunny, whose concerts sold out in the country last year, and Mexico’s most popular artist, Peso Pluma, a leader in the drug ballad genre, are not to be applauded for their arrogant and misogynistic lyrics.

Ban misogynistic lyrics in live performances

Last month, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also affirmed the musicians’ right to “sing what they want.” criticized artists glorifying violence and drug use.

“We will not be silent when they say that (ecstasy pills) are good and that they have a .50 caliber pistol and that their idols are the most famous drug dealers.”

chihuahua-banned misogyny-songs
In the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, misogynistic lyrics that incite violence or drug use are banned during live musical performances.

In 2015, the capital with a million inhabitants banned the reproduction of music supporting crime during public events. Popular band in Mexico Los Tigres del Nortewas fined 500,000 pesos in 2017 for singing songs about the drug trade.

Cancun, a popular east coast tourist destination that has been the scene of abuse by (drug cartels), also took similar steps in May to ban concerts where singers glorify violence.

Giving women the right to vote

chihuahua-banned misogyny-songs
Peso Pluma in concert

Ciudad Juarez is the most densely populated city in the state and famous for the drama of the murders of women. Veronica Corchado, PresidentMunicipal Women’s Instituteshe said: “The reality is that we have a gender-based violence issue that cannot go unnoticed…

(women should) be part of the decision-making process political on a day-to-day basis so that they have better opportunities, a voice, an opinion on the political aspects of the day-to-day issues that concern them.”

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