Movies available to watch on Friday, August 11, in prime time and late at night

What movies are on TV today? Here is our Complete TV guide with the best films airing tonight, Friday, August 11, 2023, prime and late evening on major free-to-air TV channels with story, cast and trailers.

  • black clansman (biographical, comedy, drama, thriller) aired on Iris at age 21Spike Lee film starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, Topher Grace, Corey Hawkins, Laura Harrier, Ryan Eggold, Jasper Pääkkonen, Ashley Atkinson, Michael Buscemi, Paul Walter Houser, Harry Belafonte and Alec Baldwin.

    Plot of the film: The film is set in the early 1970s, during a time of great social upheaval, when the US civil rights struggle is raging. Ron Stallworth is the Colorado Springs Police Department’s first African-American detective, but his arrival was met with skepticism and hostility from members of every branch of the department. Undeterred, Stalworth sets out to make a name for himself and make a difference in his community. He then embarks on a very dangerous mission: to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan and expose their crimes.
    Posing as a racist extremist, Stalworth contacts the group and soon infiltrates their inner circle. He also develops a relationship with Clan Grand Master David Duke, who praises Ron’s commitment to promoting White America. As the undercover investigation progresses and becomes more complex, Stalworth’s colleague, Flip Zimmerman, joins Ron in private meetings with members of the racist group, thus learning the details of a deadly plot. Stalworth and Zimmerman team up and join forces to succeed in taking down an organization whose real goal is to change their aggressive rhetoric in order to gain mass acceptance…

  • Friends of the bride (comedy) broadcast on La5 at 21.10film by Paul Feig with Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Wendy McLendon-Covey, Jon Hamm, Chris O’Dowd, Matt Lucas, Jill Clayburgh, Jessica St. Clair, Kali Hawke, etc. Rebel Wilson .

    Plot of the film: Annie is a girl from Milwaukee and her life is full of turmoil: she is almost forty and in an unstable relationship with a man who does not want to mess with her in any way; she lost all her savings after she invested it with her ex in a candy store, which she later closed; finally, icing on the cake, his mother keeps insisting that he return to her.
    One day, her best friend Lillian informs her that she is officially engaged to a very wealthy Chicago banker and asks her to be her bridesmaid at the wedding. So Annie will have to organize a bachelorette party and think of a thousand other things without knowing where to start. At the engagement, she meets other of Lillian’s other bridesmaids, including Helen (Rose Byrne), the wife of Lillian’s future husband’s boss, who makes it clear at once that she wants to win the place of “the new best friend.” The other girls are Becca, her rude future sister-in-law Megan, and her cousin Rita. Annie will have to juggle the role of the perfect bridesmaid, trying to keep the eccentric group at bay without antagonizing Lillian while protecting her back from Helen’s dastardly moves…

  • Big country (west) aired on rai 3 at 21.15a film by William Wyler starring Gregory Peck, Gene Simmons, Carroll Baker, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives, Charles Bickford, Alphonso Bedoya, Jim Burke, Chuck Connors, Chuck Hayward and Buff Brady.

    Plot of the film: An unbeatable feud has separated for years two of San Rafael, Texas’ greatest ranchers, Major Terrill and Rufus Hunnessy, as the two rivals fight for ownership of the piece of land that separates their holdings, where the only creek in the area flows. . The owner of this coveted land is Julie Maragon, a village school teacher, a friend of Patricia, daughter of Major Terrill: despite the offers made to her, the girl refuses to sell her land. One day, James McKay from Baltimore arrives in San Rafael to marry Patricia. The young man does not like violence and condemns hatred; but his attitude earns a reputation as a coward, and Patricia herself is disappointed and no longer attracted to her boyfriend. In an attempt to make peace between the two old rivals, James goes to Julie and convinces her to sell him the land with the promise that he will allow all ranchers to water their flocks in the stream. However, it happens that Julie is kidnapped by the Hunnessies, who want to take over her land. Terrill rushes to his aid with his men…

  • space cowboys (Drama, Adventure) live on TwentySeven at 21.10Clint Eastwood film starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner, Donald Sutherland, Courtney B. Vance, Marcia Gay Harden, Rade Sherbedgia, Barbara Babcock, James Cromwell, Lauren Dean, William Dewayne and Alexander Kuznetsov.

    Plot of the film: In 1958, members of Team Dedalus, four US Air Force pilots, were trained to become the first Americans to go into space. It was soon announced that the project would be taken over by NASA, ending their dream of flying into space.
    Forty-two years later, four pilots are leading peaceful lives in retirement. Aerospace engineer Frank Corwin is enjoying his retirement in a desert home with his wife, Barbara. “Hawk” Hawkins is a stunt pilot. Navigator “Tank” Sullivan is a Baptist minister. Jerry O’Neill is a former astrophysicist turned rollercoaster designer.
    One day, NASA engineer Sarah Holland goes to Frank and informs him that the old Russian Ikon satellite has gone out of orbit and is threatening to crash on Earth: he is the only one who can fix it, since it has the same guidance system as the first . The American Skylab satellite that he designed.
    Frank agrees to cooperate with NASA only if the historical team of Daedalus goes into space…

  • baby boom (Dramatic) broadcast on LA7 at 21.15film by Charles Shyer, starring Diane Keaton, Sam Shepard, Michelle Kennedy, Christina Kennedy, Harold Ramis, Britt Leach, Mary Gross, Pat Hingle, James Spader, Sam Wanamaker and Kim Sebastian.

    Plot of the film: The film tells the story of JC Wyatt, a brilliant career woman in a prestigious company in New York. JC leads a hectic and busy life, always going the extra mile at work. Everything changes when one evening a woman receives an unexpected call: she is told to go to the airport the next day to pick up some inheritance from a recently deceased English cousin, whose only relative she is.
    Arriving at the scene, convinced that the money must be collected, Elizabeth, a little over a year old, is handed over to JC. At first, the woman panics: she does not have time to take care of the child, and also there is no parental experience. After trying to give the child up for adoption, JC feels the right thing to do is take care of Elizabeth, even if it means sacrificing his job in New York.
    Packing up, JC and the baby move into a beautiful and quiet house in Vermont, surrounded by beautiful fruit trees. There, a woman begins to live a new life, away from the bustle of the city…

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