Miuccia Prada’s Wardrobe and the Importance of Accessories: Invest in 4 bags at the moment and you’ll get a real bargain

Miuccia Prada with Patrizio Bertelli – photo imago Economica

Miuccia Prada with Patrizio Bertelli – photo imago Economica

The motto of the famous designer is elegance and creativity, but there is always rigor in her images. His ideas are a reference point for many stars, as they manage to bring together continuity and contrast, giving a lot of liveliness to the proposed outfits. And accessories play a leading role.

There are several brands that represent real investments. It’s not just about buying a piece of clothing and matching it with what we already have in our closet. It’s about choosing items that will increase in value over time and even be worth more in a few years. Many collectors seek them out when clothing and accessories go out of print, and are willing to offer considerable sums. Miuccia Prada’s inventions have these characteristics and deserve careful attention.

Miuccia has headed the House since 1978, when she launched a clothing line and laid the foundations for the birth of a new brand. In 1993, Miu Miu debuted and became an immediate success. At the end of the fashion show, having satisfied curiosity with new creations, the public’s attention turns to the entrance to the catwalk. Everyone is wondering what Miuccia will wear when she appears, and it is no coincidence that 39 million users follow her special profile on the social network.

Style models

Miuccia Prada’s wardrobe is iconic. For several years, some elements were present on a permanent basis. We are talking about chiffon fabrics, aggressive studs and nails, earrings with cameos and crystals, Miu Logo glasses and, above all, Miu Miu bags.

Among the new products are the FW23 and Arcaide collections. The leather hobo bag from the FW23 collection is available in 4 colors, costs 1450 euros and is one of those prices that will certainly be important in a few years. In the Arcaide collection we find the Arcaide bag in matlasse nappa in three colors at a price of 2,300 euros. This bag will increase in value over the years and will be highly sought after by collectors. The official website shows various models, some have small savings, the cost is reduced to 1850 euros, although they are still full of details.

Miuccia Prada’s wardrobe is a tradition

But there are two more bags that are the heart of Miuccia Prada: the first is the Galleria bag, which Miuccia created in 2007, completely inspired by the Prada tradition. Since 1913, Miuccia’s grandfather began creating simple, elegant pieces that combined Prada’s artisanal traditions with a dash of modernity. Able to renew itself over the years, this iconic bag is a combination of all these elements. Today we find it on the market at a price of 3,500 euros.

The Cleo bag is also in Miuccia Prada’s heart, she designed it with Raf Simons and is highly regarded by numerous stars such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski. The reason is simple. This bag also draws on the Maison’s experience in the production of leather accessories, dating back to the early twentieth century. Every time Miuccia is inspired by tradition, the result is excellent. The price of Cleo is currently 2500 euros.

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