Once Upon a Crime: review of the new fairy-tale thriller from Netflix

The new Japanese thriller is available on Netflix from September 14. Once upon a time a crime. However this crime In particular, the action takes place in the world of fairy tales, and the main characters are famous characters such as Cinderella AND Little Red Riding Hood. The feature film is based on the novel Akazukin, Tabi no Tochu de Shitai do Deo From Aoyagi Aito, on which the manga was also based. Can we talk about a children’s film? Not really, we will see that this feature film is aimed at a wider audience. The film, directed by Yuichi Fukuda, stars Kanna Hashimoto, Yuko Araki and Takanori Iwata. Once upon a time a crime it is clearly inspired by classic fairy tales, but significantly revises the canon. The characters we know so well from Disney cartoons take on a new look here. Below you will find a synopsis and trailer for the film:

At the royal ball with Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood finds herself at the center of a mystery. Will he be able to solve the case before midnight?

Here’s a spoiler-free review Once upon a time a crime.

Retelling of classic fairy tales.

The film offers new interpretations of very popular stories, demonstrating the transcultural value of the tale. Since this is a Japanese production, most of the cast is Asian. The choice of Asian actors to play characters from a purely Western tradition has more or less the same effect as the much debated interpretation Mermaid from an African American actress Holly Bailey. This may seem strange at first to audiences accustomed to other models, but ultimately it is important to ensure representation for everyone. The real problem Once upon a time a crime but that’s different. In fact, the acting is sometimes poor quality, certainly not very expressive. The Italian dub partially corrects some errors, but overall the cast is anonymous and sometimes of dubious quality.

Even the plot of the film, it seems, is not destined to remain in history. A Classic Hero’s Journey Little Red Riding Hood turns into a thriller after the court hairdresser is found murdered. Once upon a time a crime This is not a film for children, but not even for adults. In fact, the plot of the story is too obvious for an adult audience. Raids by witches and other less-than-well-characterized magical creatures risk ending up in the trash. absent expectation Typical of thrillers, this effect is also influenced by the lack of a rhythmic or memorable soundtrack. In the same time, Once upon a time a crime it fails to create a fairy-tale atmosphere capable of enchanting young viewers. Frequent sarcastic jokes are not suitable for children’s audiences, as are characters who are truly difficult to identify.

Fairy-tale costumes and locations?

Perhaps also because of the not too generous budget, the costumes and locations Once upon a time a crime they do not contribute to immersion in the world of a fairy tale. As a result, the characters seem almost cartoonish compared to their Disney or at least classic counterparts. The costumes are canonical – Little Red Riding Hood in the iconic cape and Cinderella in rags – but there’s something off that makes them not very believable. The same applies to makeup, this is especially noticeable when Cinderella shows the incredible scars covering her legs. The special effects are generally of average quality. Unfortunately, one instinctively has to compare them with live action Disney fairy tales, which with a higher budget guarantee significantly better quality and greater entertainment.

Even the locations are really hard to surprise. Most of the film takes place in a fairly neutral forest, which allows for some pretty evocative photography. However, with greater difficulty, the story moves to the castle of a prince who struggles to live up to expectations. Despite the opportunity to break away from the clich├ęs of fairy tales and create a new, more dynamic version, Once upon a time a crime repeats some mistakes, but fails to recreate the magical atmosphere and exciting stories. For example, one of the most criticized characters Cinderella he is undoubtedly a prince, a bit anonymous and apparently superficial. We don’t know exactly what motivates her actions, so much so that it seems like a nice ploy to save the main character from her stepmother. If this fragility is to be contextualized in the 17th century tale of Charles Perrault, Once upon a time a crime has the ability to give a more modern edge. On the contrary, the film fails to delve into the characters psychologically, remaining on a very superficial level.

New Little Red Riding Hood.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, but the character played Kanna Hashimoto It has some features. His detective role likely dates back to the 2005 cartoon. Little Red Riding Hood and the Unusual Suspects, clearly lighter and more provocative. When it comes to live-action, it’s hard to pin down a famous character’s face to just one actress. Over the years they alternated in roles Megan now V A long time ago, Amanda Seyfried V Little Red Riding Hood… However, even today there is no film that would touch the general imagination, associated primarily with the written tradition of this fairy tale. Hashimoto’s interpretation of Kanna was too mechanical and cold to remain in the imagination for long. The actress did not like the particularly exciting script. In some scenes, Little Red Riding Hood is annoying to the point of becoming cheesy, which is a common risk in the film. The dialogue fluctuates between childish and parodic, without giving the film any real character.

Once upon a time a crime streaming now on Netflix.

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