Mobile Tips | Here’s What You Must Do to Get Your Phone to Stop “Spying” on You

This must happen to you Talking to family Or friends sitting on the patio talking about something. 10 minutes later you pick up the phone You open Instagram and see an ad for something you’ve been talking about before.. Questions arise at this point and you want to know why this event happened. During dinner you sit down and say you need a cell phoneyou will automatically only see ads for purchase discounts for the next few weeks Mobile phones, different brands, etc…

The smartphone app continuously listens for high-pitched, inaudible ultrasound waves. environmental frequencies and collect a large amount of information about you, all without your knowledge.This ultrasonic tracking is used to link all the devices you own and Track your behavior and locations, we can find them in places like apps, websites, online videos, or TV shows.

What can I do to make him stop listening to me?

Unfortunately, It is impossible to completely block these ultrasonic beaconsbut what we can do is reduce tracking.

To do this, the first thing to do is to change the permissions that have access to the application Device microphonebut they don’t need it to correctly Play a rolesuch as a photo gallery, and web pages or other websites.

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