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Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci She is definitely one of the most famous Italian actresses in the world. During his long career, he has participated in many international projects such as the dark shadow Or matrix. during a recent interview Elle France talks about his career and how he has used his good looks to create memorable characters.

Having a certain body type is a double-edged sword: You create curiosity and distance. But instead of being blocked, awkward, constrained by this body, I chose to play with it and settle for it. So I used my body to reach out to powerful roles. Instead of hiding that body, condemning it, I used it to bring to life characters I knew could carry me forward

Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton
Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton

in the same interview Monica Bellucci He also opened up about his romance for the first time Tim BurtonWhich started several months back.

What I can say is that I am very happy to have met the man in the first place – the actress told Elle France. It is one of those encounters which are very rare in life. I know the man, I love him, and now that I’ll meet the director, another adventure begins. i love tim And I have a lot of respect for Tim Burton as a director.

we will really meet again Monica Bellucci in the sequel Beetle Juice (Here are 15 themed curiosities), a beloved 1988 film starring Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, The Italian star will play the wife of the “Spiritello Porcello” of the title. not only in the new movie Keaton The protagonist will return in a ghostly role but will be retconned rider as Lydia Deetz and Catherine O’Hara in Delia Deetz, Lydia’s stepmother. These stars will also join them Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, who will reportedly play Lydia’s daughter. also complete the pool of new entries justin theroux In an as yet unknown role.

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