No Adam Driver for Fantastic Four

A few months ago we reported that it now seemed certain that Adam Driver would be Kylo Ren’s interpreter in the final trilogy. star warsReed had agreed to cover the role of Richards in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four films.

It is now learned that the driver will no longer be associated with the role or be a contender for the position. This news was given by Jeff Snyder during the last episode Hot Mic Podcast, according to which the reason for the lack of work is money. Snyder said:

when i asked someone about it Fantastic Four, he replied that… like I said, it’s about money, so I think Adam Driver may have backed out. This may be the case. Maybe he has started asking for too much money.

I mean, when you’re dealing with Marvel and Disney and other movies, it’s understandable that he wants to make money. Driver makes very low-budget movies, so one might think that the big bucks aren’t that important to him, but perhaps because of the commitment it requires, he’s begging for more.

Snyder and co-host Jon Rocha also speculated that another possible issue could be casting: if Margot Robbie, who was rumored to be playing Sue Storm, Driver would not want to be in the film. But these are just speculations.

Other accounts state that the interpreter Elvis Austin Butler was considered for the role of Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

Kevin Feige previously stated that the first Marvel family would be a huge pillar of the future of the MCU following their introduction. They said:

The Fantastic Four is the basis for everything that has come in the comics. There have certainly been (on-screen) versions, but they’ve never been involved in an MCU story. And that’s a really exciting aspect for us. Soon more information will be available about this. We think this is going to be a big mainstay of the MCU going forward, just like it has been in the comics for 50 or 60 years.

Who knows if John Krasinski, who has finished the series in the meantime, will be back in contention. jack ryan,

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