Short haircuts, the best hairstyles in pictures

even if you have me short hairVery trendy, you can play with the hairstyles and create elegant or simple hairstyles depending on the occasion. In fact, especially if we choose a cut that maintains more length on the top, creates bunches or fringes, we will always have room to create different looks. a speech that is certainly also valid for all helmetfrom that plus short 90s style Even reaching the classic one, in this case crop grants. are there to meet us hair trends of 2023dominates the concept of smooth, or hair is super combed with precision, laid flat on the head and maximally perfected using pastes and gels. This means that even if our hair is not long, we have many arrows to wear a hairstyle that is always different and special, maybe for a special occasion or for a function.

5 best hairstyles for short and very short hair

micro chignon

Hailey Bieber is proof that a short bob does not limit the genre, rather, its subtle hairstyles They are really cool, like a chignon with combed roots.

locks back

This look takes you back twenty years, when strands in front were divided into precise sections brace yourself, Now three elastic bands are enough to recreate that effect in a softer way, perfect for summer.

semi aggregated with bob

is a beautiful classic Seeds collected on helmet, with curly threads or braids. So attractive that it is suitable for every day as well as for celebrations, perhaps decorated with accessories or flowers.

styling with gel

The last few years have seen a huge phenomenon return to prison To create structured and creative hairstyles even on short hair, which prove to be fertile ground for a decisive and breaking style.

short hair style

If you have short to medium length hair or just one bobI Minimum Crops Have to try. On the other hand, they are trendy, especially when loose, perhaps made using only flannel.

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