Monica Bellucci’s daughter lights up cinema

The sons of art and young cinema are in the center of attention of the capital. All eyes are on her: very tall, long dark wavy hair and casual black….




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The sons of art and young cinema are in the center of attention of the capital. All eyes are on her: very tall, long dark wavy hair and casual black. From Mom Monica Bellucci she inherited undoubted beauty and charm even in a sexy low and slightly hoarse voice, and from her father Vincent Cassel – sarcasm and a cat’s look. And then humility when he takes selfies with many fans, like the one in which he poses with a beautiful smile with worldly princess Irma Capeche Minutolo. She’s eighteen Virgin Cassel, a model-turned-actress who showed up at the Giulio Cesare cinema to animate an armored screening of Laura Luchetti’s La Belle Manor, based on the work of Cesare Pavese, with which she debuted in the world of celluloid. Here she plays the role of a model alongside Nicolas Maupas in the cast of “Mare fuori” and Alessandro Piavani.

Along with them, to greet the audience, obviously goes the director. Among the seats there is a large parterre with actors Michela Andreozzi, Elda Alvinini, Eros Galbiati, Mia Benedetti, Alessia Barela and journalist Federica Pansadoro. And various members of the film’s fan club. Short speeches in the auditorium before the screening, led by the author Luca Cirillo, who immediately asks Luchetti how she approached this text.

“Adapt Pavese on screen is not easy,” explains the director, “at first I was very afraid. I was struck by the period of youth when a person tries to be himself. The book is extremely contemporary in the history of how we become adults. Then in the film, the men are softer than those described by the great author. Let’s hope we don’t betray him.” “We did a smoothing job,” adds Maupas, “I felt a lot of responsibility for this role.”

“In your debut,” Cirillo asks Cassel, “you play a 1930s model. What is the difference between a mannequin of that period and a model of today? “Fashion has always existed,” the actress replies, “but over the years it has changed a lot. Perhaps the model of that time did not have the cheek that we have now. But you always hid behind your body. You will have to learn to adapt. Amelia, my heroine, does just that. It was interesting and intriguing to explore this role. We started a family on set. It was the perfect experience.” Applause and then a projection.

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