More than 240,000 people have received covid-19 and flu vaccines

The Direção-Geral da Saúde (DGS) reported on the third day that more than 240,000 people have been vaccinated against covid-19 and influenza during the seasonal vaccination campaign, bringing the total number of vaccinations administered to 406,164.

According to the first Vaccine-Related 2023/2024 data, which will be released weekly on the third day after the start of the campaign from September 28 to October 8, “186,083 people were vaccinated, strengthening Resistance to “Covid-19”. And 220,081 people against influenza”.

According to explanations from DGS sources, the total number of people vaccinated with both vaccines is about 240,000, indicating that there are some people who have received only the Covid-19 vaccine and others the influenza vaccine, in a ratio of “co-vaccination” .

In the DGS report, “Of the vaccines against covid-19, 148,840 doses were administered in community pharmacies and 37,243 in SNS health units.”

During the same period, 180,023 doses of influenza vaccine were administered in community pharmacies and 40,058 doses were administered in SNS health units.

As of October 8, a total of 170,145 people in the age group 60 and above (two aged 60 and 80 years and above) have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and 185,730 against influenza, with the total vaccination coverage being 5.66% and 5.66% respectively. 6.17 %, respectively, in this age group.

Between the ages of 60 and 69, 55,337 people received a covid-19 vaccine during this period (vaccine coverage of 4.26%) and 59,668 received a flu vaccine (4.59%), while among those aged 70-79, 68,293 people have received the flu vaccine. According to the same data, there are 75,089 cases of COVID-19 (6.70%) and influenza (7.37%).

Among people aged 80 or older, 46,515 people have received a covid-19 vaccine (6.74%) and 50,973 people have received a flu vaccine (7.38%).

This year, DGS expects to vaccinate 2 to 2.5 million people.

No SNS will be provided to persons under the age of 60 with dangerous medical conditions, pregnant women and two professionals with medical services (public and private) and other health care providers, students in clinical settings, teachers and personnel involved in transportation Firefighters open. Carers of Dependent Persons.

You will receive additional vaccinations in our prisons, within the continuum of care network integrated into the prison by SNS professionals.

Community pharmacies are administering Covid-19 vaccines to people aged over 60 for the first time, with nearly 6,000 pharmacists in more than 2,300 pharmacies participating in the 2023/2024 vaccination season authorized to do so.

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