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Imagine meeting your soul mate in the simplest and most ordinary way possible, throwing your heart beyond the obstacle and embarking on a romantic and passionate story with her. Right at the climax, try to think of suddenly finding yourself unable to communicate with this person (or rather ghosted), only to discover that behind this person there is another completely different one, namely a professional spy. It is on this canvas that it is based Ghostednew Apple TV+ original movie starring Ana de Armas And Chris Evans and directed by Dexter Fletcherdirector of the hit music biopics Bohemian Rhapsody (uncredited) e Rocketman.

Nothing new under the sun: a dynamic that incorporates several elements of successful films such as True Lies, Mr & Mrs Smith And Innocent liesserving two of the most loved and celebrated stars of the moment, side by side again after Murder by Death – Knives Out And The Gray Man. However, the perspective changes: in the role of the fragile person to protect there is in fact the humble florist Cole Riggan (Chris Evans), while the ruthless spy, unlike what we are used to seeing, is a beautiful woman named Sadie , with which Ana de Armas completes the dress rehearsal for the upcoming Dancerspin-off of the action saga of John Wick of which he will be the absolute protagonist.

A romantic comedy incipit that soon gives way to an adventurous action movie set in the four corners of the globe, which however never gives up on a light-hearted and light-hearted atmosphere.

Ghosted: Ana de Armas and Chris Evans in a romantic comedy with a spy sauce

Despite the initial twist (already anticipated by the promotional material), Ghosted it certainly does not aim to surprise the viewer, who finds himself involved in a rather predictable plot in terms of dynamics and outcomes. The screenplay (co-written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers) therefore focuses on the reversal of the standard roles for this trend, on the deconstruction of the star aura of its protagonists (in particular that of Chris Evans) and on well-constructed dialogues, which touch the exposed nerves of contemporary society.

At the center of the reflection of Ghosted in fact there is not only the theme evoked by the title and put into practice by the character of Ana de Armas, that is the practice of interrupting all multimedia and non-multimedia communications, effectively disappearing from the life of the partner. From the clash of personalities between Cole and Sadie (he is particularly inclined to get attached, she is a free spirit not only for work reasons) other annoying or even toxic attitudes also emerge, such as the storms of messages at any time of day or night or the tracking of the movements of the partner. Activities that fuel numerous bickering between the protagonists, even during the most typically action moments.

Calls to James Bond and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

When he moves between the tracks of the spy story, Ghosted it’s decidedly more conventional. There is also the sampling of chases, firefights, hand-to-hand fights, intrigues and betrayals typical of the James Bond saga, with Adrien Brody wasted playing a lackluster villain. During the viewing, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will also repeatedly have the feeling of participating in a sort of reunion of the superhero franchise: in addition to Chris Evans, the unforgettable Captain America, we see his “successor” parading in a cameo Anthony Mackiehis friend/enemy Sebastian Stan And Ryan Reynoldsinterpreter of Deadpool. If we then consider that the role of Ana de Armas was originally assigned to Scarlett Johanssonthe contact points between Ghosted and the Avengers become more than a coincidence.

Between action and humour, stalking and romance, Ghosted manages to combine their souls in an enjoyable product thanks above all to the self-irony of Chris Evans and the excellent performance of Ana de Armas, increasingly multifaceted and convincing. After his trials in Blade Runner 2049, Murder by Death – Knives Out, No Time to Die, Deep water And Blondeall characterized by different nuances, the Cuban actress confirms that she is a certainty for Hollywood cinema, as well as an interpreter with a bright future.

At the same time, Apple TV+ continues its slow but unstoppable march of inclusion in the streaming landscape in the name of quality, bringing its subscribers a product that is certainly not unforgettable but of a decidedly higher level than the average of the competition. And it doesn’t necessarily end here: also based on public approval, the small door left open by the Ghosted ending could be crossed by Cole and Sadie for a new adventure.

Ghosted is available April 21 on Apple TV+.

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