Movies to see Sunday 12 March, in prime time and late evening

What Movies are on TV Tonight? Here’s ours Complete TV Guide with the Best Movies broadcast tonight, Sunday 12 March 2023, in prime and late evening on the main free-to-air TV channels, with plots, casts and trailers.

  • CODA – The signs of the heart – at 21.20 on TV8

    (Drama, 2021, duration: 111 Min)
    A movie of Sian Heder, with Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur, Daniel Durant, Marlee Matlin, Eugenio Derbez, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lonnie Farmer, Kevin Chapman, and Amy Forsyth.

    Synopsis of the Film CODA – The signs of the heart: The film tells the story of Ruby, a seventeen-year-old girl who works on the family boat in the early morning hours before entering school to help her parents and brother carry on their fishing business on the Massachusetts coast. Ruby is the only hearing person in her family.
    Ever since the young girl joined the school choir, she discovers that she has a strong attraction to singing. Her teacher Bernardo di lei believes there is something special in the young teenager and pushes her to consider a prestigious music school for her future.
    Ruby will thus find herself at a crossroads: abandon her beloved parents to follow her greatest dream or continue to help her family…

  • Another round – at 21.15 on Cielo

    (Drama, 2020, duration: 115 Min)
    A movie of Thomas Vinterberg, with Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang, Maria Bonnevie, Susse Wold and Helene Reingaard Neumann.

    Plot of the film Another round: The film tells the story of Martin and some of his friends, all unmotivated and bored teachers, who, relying on the theory that every human being is born with a minimal amount of alcohol in their body, decide to start an experiment. The four are convinced that by taking alcoholic drinks, up to maintaining a state of slight inebriation during all working hours, the human mind can be able to reach perceptive states that increase the creativity of the genius. To corroborate their thesis they also have a historical fact: Churchill won the Second World War perpetually drunk. The first results are really positive and make the group of friends so enthusiastic that the four decide to make their experiment a real academic project. Too bad that exaggerating with alcohol can lead to unexpected consequences…

  • The Post – at 21.10 on Rai Storia

    (Drama, Thriller, 2017, duration: 118 Min)
    A movie of Steven Spielberg, with Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Sarah Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Tracy Letts, Bradley Whitford, Bruce Greenwood, Matthew Rhys, Alison Brie, Carrie Coon, David Cross, Jesse Plemons, Michael Stuhlbarg and Zach Woods.

    Plot of the film The Post: The film tells the story behind the publication of the “Pentagon Notebooks” in the early 1970s in the Washington Post. The concealment of top secret documents on US government strategies and relations with Vietnam between the 1940s and 1960s triggers an unprecedented battle in the name of transparency and freedom of the press. In particular, the publication of the so-called Pentagon Papers becomes a manifesto of the firm and decisive claim for the right to report and the freedom of information by two very different figures but united by courage and a strong professional ethic: the editor of the newspaper Kay Graham , the first woman at the helm of the prestigious newspaper, and the tough and stubborn editor of the newspaper Ben Bradlee. The two will risk their careers and their own freedom in order to publicly bring to light what four Presidents have hidden and covered up for years…

  • 300 – at 21 on 20

    (Action, Adventure, 2006, Duration: 117 Min)
    A movie of Zack Snyder, with Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Michael Fassbender, Vincent Regan, Rodrigo Santoro, Andrew Tiernan and Andrew Pleavin.

    Plot of the movie 300: The story is narrated by Delios who retraces the heroic deeds of the Spartan king Leonidas. When the Persian king Xerxes sends messengers to demand Sparta’s submission, Leonidas complies with his request by throwing the messengers into a well. Aware of having thus triggered a war against the Persian Empire, the Spartan devises a plan to defeat his enemies: to ambush Xerxes’ troops in the narrow gorge of Thermopylae. However, the ephors, bribed by the Persians, bring back to Leonidas a false interpretation of the Oracle and forbid him to wage war. Since the king is allowed to use a handful of 300 soldiers as “personal guard”, Leonidas leaves with the small army and frees himself from the prohibition of the ephors.
    While the Spartans prepare for war, Leonidas meets the deformed Ephialtes who reveals the existence of a secret path. The king, however, will reject his request to fight, unaware of the consequences of his action …

  • Ocean’s Thirteen – at 9.10pm on TwentySeven

    (Action, 2007, duration: 122 Min)
    A movie of Steven Soderbergh, with George Clooney, Ellen Barkin, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, Al Pacino, Michael Mantell, Eddie Izzard, Scott L Schwartz, Luis Chavez and Sean Lake.
    Plot of the movie Ocean’s Thirteen: Danny Ocean reunites his gang for a heist that’s a little different than usual, because this time they’re personally involved. Willie Bank defrauded Reuben Tishkoff into giving him his casino shares through deception. So Danny calls everyone to report, who rush to help his friend Reuben.
    The gang therefore begins to work on a colossal scam against Bank: Roman Nagel takes care of the IT part of the casino systems, Virgin Malloy thinks of the dice and Rusty has to put a spoke in the works of the Royal Review employee who evaluates the hotel conditions.
    All this serves to bring Willy Bank to economic ruin, but to really succeed we need a figure that ours do not possess. Danny is therefore forced to turn to his sworn enemy, Terry Benedict, who agrees to lend them the necessary money, but under conditions…

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