Murder in Venice, plot, cast and trailer of the film with Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot

Movie after Murder on the Orient Express AND Murder on the Nile– the third part of a series about the legendary detective Hercule Poirot.

trailer available Murder in Venicethe third part of a series about the legendary detective. Hercule Poirot. A film directed and interpreter once again by an Oscar winner. Kenneth Branagh it is actually a film adaptation of the 1969 novel. Poirot and the Massacre of the Innocents From Agatha Christie and follows already known names Murder on the Orient Express 2017 and Murder on the Nile 2022. The film is set in a dark and unsettling post-World War II Venice. September 14, 2023.

Kenneth Branagh’s “Poirot” arrives in Venice

Murder in Venice it is a film with supernatural and detective tones. in post-war Venice, the place where the famous detective Hercule Poirot will see the return. The latter, now retired and in voluntary exile, finds himself in Venice on the eve of All Saints’ Day and reluctantly decides to take part in a séance in a dilapidated and practically abandoned palace. But when one of the guests is mysteriously murdered, the detective is immediately catapulted into an ominous world of shadows and secrets, and he must once again find out who the killer is. Terrifying new film full of secrets is a sequel Murder on the Orient Express 2017 and Murder on the Nile 2022, it has already been staged and successfully interpreted by Oscar winner Kenneth Branagh. The latter, by the way, received eight nominations for the Academy Award, and later received an award in the section for best original film screenplay. Belfast 2021.

USA.  Kenneth Branagh in the new movie (C) Walt Disney Studios: Death on the Nile (2021).  Plot: While on holiday on the Nile, Hercule Poirot must investigate the murder of a young heiress.  Reference: LMK106-J7730-231221 Courtesy of LMKMEDIA.  Edition only.  Landmark Media does not own the copyright to these footage from movies or TV shows, but only provides services to established media.


‘Ghosts in Venice’ Kenneth Branagh Reveals Cast

Cast members Murder in Venice

In the role of the legendary detective Hercule Poirot, we again find Kenneth Branaghwho, after having already sent Murder on the Orient Express AND Murder on the Nile he also returns as director. Screenplay based on the novel by Agatha Christie. Poirot and the Massacre of the Innocentsagain entrusted to an Oscar nominee Michael Green (Logan – Wolverine, Jungle Cruise, Blade Runner 2049). Among translators Murder in Venice we also find Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Jude Hill, Ali Khan, Emma Laird, Kelly Reilly and Michelle Yeoh. The cast also includes Italian Riccardo Scamarchio. The film is produced by Kenneth Branagh himself, along with Judy Hofflund, Ridley Scott and Simon Kinberg, and executive produced by Louise Killin, James Prichard and Mark Gordon. Murder in Venice will be available in Italian cinemas from September 14, 2023.


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