‘My dad didn’t meet any other women’: Marcus Jordan eases Larsa Pippen’s Michael Jordan pressure

When Marcus Jordan says his dad has no problem with his love life, he means it. He couldn’t have chosen a better moment to express it. real housewives of miami The season finale was filmed during a time when Michael Jordan was publicly expressing his dissatisfaction with their relationship. He conveyed to Larsa and their critics in that episode Jordan’s rather cold attitude toward all of his relationships.

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“My dad has always been vocal and adamant about making sure I was happy, but my dad hasn’t met any other woman I’ve dated,” Marcus said at the confessional. He further added: “I feel like whoever I end up with, my dad will be okay with it.


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The producer asked them if they had ever hung out with Marcus’ father. While Marcus doesn’t say this outright, he does hint that Larsa is the only girlfriend he introduced to his father. At this point, Marcus and Larsa left Jordan’s 61st birthday party together after rekindling their relationship.

This is the “no” that the world will hear in July 2023. Michael Jordan was treated to a tirade by the paparazzi while he was on vacation in Paris. After being asked if he was okay with Marcus and Larsa dating, he explicitly shouted: “No,” There is no other context.

this Roman The season finale appears to have been filmed around that time.Larsa and Marcus record a podcast separation anxiety In Pippen’s restaurant, they discussed Jordan’s objections. Marcus stated on the podcast that his father was joking and made the same point in the confessional. While he acknowledged why Larsa “Ashamed“According to information, he said he was”LOL“and found it”Funny“.

Larsa Pippen isn’t smiling


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This did not keep Lhasa safe from trouble. Her co-stars pressed her about Jordan’s objections, which she later complained to Marcus. She emphasized that she didn’t want to talk about her parents at all, but others didn’t seem to respect that.

During a falling out with Guerdy Abraira, Larsa claimed that Abraira “bite” her. The latter retorted that instead of talking about her, she should be worried about Michael Jordan saying he disapproved of her.this Roman The ladies reportedly asked Lhasa his magnanimity also attended the meeting, which apparently exacerbated their brief breakup.

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But on the show, Marcus said his father immediately made sure they didn’t misinterpret the “no.” “You know, to me, obviously we knew ahead of time because he was texting me and calling me and wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything the wrong way.


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This adds more context to their brief break nearly half a year after the incident.this Roman The reunion will reportedly fill in the details of their recent split.

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