“My father Enzo had many tragedies, but in the end he won”

Modena, September 5, 2023 – Before be portrait for life – one of Enzo Ferrarimarked by pain and passion and an inexhaustible thirst for victory – the film “Ferrari” Michael Mann AND irresistible fresco of Modena and our Po Valley with its history, symbols, landscapes, the Cathedral and the lions, the Palazzo Ducale, the streets of the center with classic colors and straight stretches framed by plane trees and poplars stretching through the countryside.

“Wonderful: great photos and footage,” commented many after a private preview the other night at the Victoria Multiplex.

Michael Man with Piero Ferrari

Michael Man with Piero Ferrari

An exclusive screening organized by the Film Commission of Emilia-Romagna (represented by director Fabio Abanato and regional cultural adviser Mauro Felicori), saw many guests in the hall, authorities and personalities welcomed by Mayor Gian Carlo Muzzarelli. Director Michael Mann himself introduced the film, thanking the many Modenese who helped him make it, “and in particular the former Ferrari mechanics with their stories,” he said.

Then a touching greeting from Piero Ferrari, Drake’s son, who in the film sees himself as a boy with his mother Lina Lardy (played by Shailene Woodley):”The process started back in 1995. recalled the Ferrari engineer. I am grateful to Michael for telling the story of my father, my family and Ferrari with great grace. And I hope that people will understand from this film that my father had many tragedies, many problems, but he always looked ahead and eventually won.

The film, as we know, takes us to 1957. year of deep torment for Enzo Ferrari, from adversity in the family, after the premature death of his son Dino, to difficulties in the company. Ferrari decides to bet on the Mille Miglia: victory in a motoring competition will allow him to attract new economic resources, revive the factory, and also make changes to his personal affairs. Adam Driver portrays an imposing and stern Ferrari with his family and employees, but very affectionate with her son, Penélope Cruz resolutely takes on the role of his wounded wife (and partner).

But what the residents of Modena will love more than anything else are the thousands and thousands of shots of the city’s iconic locations that – taken from the 1950s – become “natural” set design. For example, Largo Garibaldi – also directly mentioned in the film – with the house of Enzo Ferrari, Piazza Grande with the race unleashed the Mille Miglia cars coming to graze (blessed stuntmen…) the ancient Romanesque lions, the Palazzo Ducale, the backdrop of the “pit stop” of the great race: the subjective shot of a car speeding down Farini, with the backdrop of the palace, is pure adrenaline. Then the church of San Pietro with sculptures by Begarelli, where the mass with the Ferrari workers was rebuilt, and the Communal Theater, where Ferrari, watching the duet “Parigi o cara” from “La Traviata”, moves off, thinking about his son Dino. who left too soon. It is curious that during the editing of the film, an unusual “cocktail” is obtained. among city theaters: the audience climbs the steps of Storchi to enter, but then the performance is held in the Corso Canalgrande (moreover, these are details that only we from Modena notice).

And yet the hills of Castelvetro, Maranello and Novellara, where the tragedy of Guidizzolo is reconstructed. Last night at the preview many they also noted the actor’s cameo “sui Generis”: When Ferrari-Driver enters the Canalgrande Hotel, besieged by journalists, he finds himself greeted at the reception by Chef Massimo Bottura, here in his role as the hotel’s concierge. Today, film-set tourism is a fast-growing sector: surely this film, which promises to be a global blockbuster, will be a great new showcase for Modena and its territory. “And we,” says Mayor Mutsarelli, “we will be glad to everyone who wants to come and see Modena “live”…”.

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