Netflix announces Vasco Rossi – Supervissuto, a series about a rock star

After yesterday’s preview, on the occasion of the concert venue Vasco Live in Bologna, Netflix announces today Vasco Rossi – Survivor.

In the official teaser trailer, we can already get to know the new documentary series in 5 episodes, which will provide unprecedented access to Italy’s most beloved rock star: Vasco Rossi.

Vasco Rossi – Survivor it was mostly filmed during the two years of the pandemic. A moment of unexpected break from the usual, myriad obligations of a rock star.

A unique opportunity to take the time to look back and relive the most important moments of your career and life.

The series follows Vasco through the places that matter most to him, from Zocchi, his hometown, to Los Angeles, and through interviews, archival footage, and testimonies from those who have accompanied him over the years, traces his history and the many stories behind his life. unforgettable songs.

“I’m not just a survivor, I’m a survivor” stated the singer-songwriter of Emilian origin.

Watch the teaser trailer for Supervissuto by Vasco Rossi

Written by Igor Artibani and Guglielmo Arie with Pepsi Romanova, also director of the documentary series. Vasco Rossi – Survivor produced by Solaris Media of Guglielmo Arie and Azzurra Arie in collaboration with the production house Except Maurizio Vassallo and Pepsi Romanoff.

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