“My husband is in first class, me and the kids have to travel economy class.” After the antics of a woman in the network, a protest is growing: she is getting a divorce

Travel With family this is always difficult, especially if the children are small and can endure long trips to car, train or airplane. That’s why Pope he decided not to travel with them, but to meet them as soon as they arrived at their destination, but their mother could no longer bear it.

This is the story of one wife plate Husband who travels to first gradeand she is forced to take economy class seats with children.

The story, shared by the New York Times, sparked an online outcry when netizens offered only one thing to their wife.

Let’s find out what happened.

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Young Mother wanted to tell my story to readers The newspaper “New York Times because she was tired of this situation.

“My Husband always travels first class and I have to stay with me children in economy, because he says that the cost of four tickets in first class is an expense that we cannot bear, ”the story began there wife.

The couple has two sons aged 12 and 16. Pope he prefers not to leave them alone during the flight, so he asks his wife to stay with them in economy class. However, the poor man said that he suffered greatly from this situation, because he “feels in guilt for this inequality treatment.” So he decided that from his next trip he would fly, of course, first class, on a different plane than the one that his wife and children had chosen.

Network reaction

The published article sparked a strong response from the social media audience, especially on Twitter, where the mood was in suspense. It was a real protest, where users loudly offered their wife only one thing: get a divorce.

“You should ask divorceyou deserve more,” wrote the user, and many commented on it, supporting the cause and trying to give courage to the young woman.

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