“My son was bullied at school, I would have hit those kids, but he had to do it himself.”

“My son had problems with bullying at school. Instinctively, I wanted to go and beat up the bullies. He asked me to help him and I did, but I tried to let him know that up to a certain point I could do it. Then he had to do it himself. That’s how it was.” Fabio Volo tells Corriere della Sera about a difficult moment he experienced with his son. The actor and writer has two children with ex-partner Joanna Maggie. “HOURor even organized a pizza party with my kids and that kid who was a bully» tells.

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The author of bestselling books comments on the case of General Vannacci’s book. I write a book every two years. And when one of my books comes out, there’s always a successful publishing case that I study to learn some of the secrets. Now this book has come out… what is it called? Vannucci, Vannucci… But the idea of ​​stealing there is that “life is wonderful for everyone except blacks and gays…”». He then says that he feels free of guilt: Recently I stopped feeling guilty about success. Before I bought a house for myself, I bought a house for my parents. Before I bought a car for myself, I bought it from a friend. I had never taken a taxi, it seemed like an impossible expense. I still remember the day I received the first book: I went to Mondadori with my grandfather to get it.».

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