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Within the framework of the National Day of Voluntary Blood Donation, the Health Center Hospital provides information on voluntary blood donation to the population.

On the day of the Effector, a date set up to raise awareness of the importance of voluntary donation, the professionals responsible for blood therapy technology at the Effector Gabriella AgudoConduct discussions with donors and patients present to let them understand the truth about donation.

In this regard, they listed a series of common misunderstandings among the people:

  • ¿Can donating blood cause disease??: Donation is 100% safe and there is no risk of contracting any type of disease or infection as disposable materials are used.
  • ¿I must attend on an empty stomach○: Fasting is not recommended. It is recommended that the donor drinks at least 500 ml of water or salty drinks half an hour before tooth extraction. There is no limit on solid food intake. It is best to eat healthy foods and avoid fats and dairy products before donating.
  • ¿I will be very weak after tooth extraction○: The amount of blood usually drawn is about 400ml to 450ml, the same for men and women, and does not affect health or physical strength. The extraction does not hurt and you can return to your normal daily routine after it is performed as your body replaces the donated volume almost immediately. Additionally, at a prior visit, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood will be measured, which will indicate whether there are enough red blood cells to avoid problems later.
  • ¿Donating blood makes you fat?: This is one of the most common misunderstandings, and it must be clarified that donating blood will not make you gain weight, nor will it make you lose weight. This is neither good nor bad for your health, it is a positive act of solidarity and a way to check in on a routine basis.
  • ¿I can only donate once a year○: The frequency of blood donation can be at least two months. It is recommended that men should donate blood no more than four times a year and women no more than three times a year.
  • ¿I have a tattoo or piercing, can I donate??: People with tattoos or unsterile skin piercings will be temporarily disqualified as donors for 12 months. People who have had acupuncture or who have had an accident in which they were exposed to blood or secretions through mucous membranes or wounds also fall into this category.
  • ¿I cannot be a donor because I had hepatitis as a child.? : Although hepatitis is one of the conditions that prevents you from becoming a blood donor, people who had hepatitis before the age of 10 can donate blood voluntarily. For other types of hepatitis, a medical professional needs to be consulted before tooth extraction.

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