Naomi Campbell became a mother for the second time

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blue bow for Naomi Campbell what he said on Instagram the arrival of a second child. News, real surprise, was shared via a photo post that shows a close-up of the baby, which shows only the back of the head, covered with a hat. In the photo, a child shakes hands with his mother and the first daughter of a supermodel.

Mother Bis at 53

Naomi Campbell is overwhelmed with the emotions of motherhood, which she considers the greatest joy in life. The supermodel took to social media to announce to fans and the world that she is a mom again. British supermodel who turned 22 May fifty three yearshe accepted his first daughter in 2021. Her story of motherhood after fifty is a positive experience for many other women who, like her, dream more than anything about a family.
However, the catwalk icon is very secretive about her personal and sentimental life. The name of the last person to arrive is unknown and remains to this day. shrouded in mystery also the name of his first daughter, who was publicly introduced in May 2021.

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Naomi’s words in the post

“My dear, know that you are loved immensely and surrounded by love from the moment you graced us with your presence. A real gift from God”, these are the words of Naomi, who on Instagram expresses emotions and gratitude for this magical moment. And under the picture with a small “babyboy”, the author’s photo of Mathieu Bitton, he adds: “it’s never too late to be a mom“.
Nothing is known about the pregnancy or the path that led Campbell to motherhood. Supermodel in 2016 spoke to Sunday Times about her desire to become a mother even as a single woman AND without a man on his side. TO british voguelater, confirming that very few knew about the arrival of his first daughter, he confirmed that indeed not adopting a child. Therefore, it is not clear if Naomi has a partner and nothing is known about the months leading up to the birth of her second child. The only information that Naomi’s mom was happy to reveal about her little girl concerns her character and height. The child is described as Fashion as very good and very smart for her age, it made life easier for her mother, who in the last two years took her with her to work and around the world.


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