Why is there no post-credits scene?

Secret Invasion: Even the director doesn't know why there's no post-credits scene

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Director Secret InvasionAli Selim spoke about his decision not to include a post-credits scene in the Disney+ miniseries.

Don’t expect answers though, because Selim himself couldn’t explain why Disney broke with a tradition rooted in the MCU.

Alim Selim talks about the lack of post-credits scenes in Secret Invasion

In an interview with TVLine, Selim said that this question should be asked. Kevin FeigeHead of Marvel Studios:

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“That’s a good question to ask Kevin Feige and everyone who works on the MCU in general. I know they use these movies and TV shows to start or wrap things up, and that’s what the post-credits scenes are for. I don’t know what they are throwing with this series. I know what they end up with, namely Nick Fury’s inner struggle with aging and his sense of purpose and sense of “otherness” which I think is very well exposed. And I don’t have much more to say about it, so I don’t know if a post-credits sequence would be useful.”

Selim added that the choice of a post-credits scene might have made little sense for the miniseries’ storyline. In fact, the director ended the interview by repeating that his job was to “to tell the story that lives within the walls of these six episodes and tell it in the best possible way.”

The first season of Secret Invasion is strictly without post-credits scenes and is available exclusively on Disney+.

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