NASA’s UFO breakthrough with mysterious new director in charge of research: ‘Discoveries will be transparent’

Now the study of aliens comes to life, and NASA ready to share my findings. During a press conference convened today at the headquarters in Washingtonnumber one US space agency Check Nelsonpresented a report on UAPrealized 16 experts of the independent commission including “some of the world’s leading scientists, data and artificial intelligence scientists, and aerospace safety experts.”

From now until Unidentified anomalous phenomena a new figure will be dedicated to the scientific director, whose identity remains mysterious. “This is the first time NASA has taken concrete action to seriously study UAP. Nelson stated: There is currently no evidence that they are of extraterrestrial origin.”. From hundreds of UFO sightings, it has been accepted that many unexplained phenomena have not revealed the presence of aliens, although the possibility has not been ruled out.

The important news is that the company is willing to share data with greater transparency. “We are the American government and we will be open about this.”. V attitude Today, consists of 36 pages, There are technical and scientific observations on the project. Few confirmations, but no exceptions: the possibility of “potential” is not denied alien technology unknown, acting in the Earth’s atmosphere”; it is recognized that “To get into our space, objects had to pass through our solar system.” and clarifies that “the director will use artificial intelligence and machine learning in the data collection and analysis process.”

Among the more curious questions at the press conference was also one regarding the “non-human” fossils shown in Mexico in recent days: regarding viral photographs of alleged aliens, Dr David Spergel told the BBC: “Make specimens available to the global scientific community , and we’ll see what’s there.”

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