NASCAR Insider Ousts Michael Jordan’s Prodigy and Ross Chastain, Supports Emergency Road Course Prodigy

Sunday was not a good day for NBA legend Michael Jordan. Both of his full-time drivers failed to achieve great results. Now they find themselves behind the knockout line with just one game left in the last 12 against tricky Charlotte Roval. The NBA legend’s two drivers are unlikely to advance to the next round. Since the next game is essentially a road game, a lot of people are betting their money on one guy.

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Over the past few games, Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team has been one of the best teams in the playoffs so far. But Talladega weekend isn’t one of the best. They will have to carry that form into Roval if they want either driver to advance to the next round.

NASCAR Insider Picks His Favorite Charlotte


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While 2023 is shaping up to be a great year for 23XI Racing, there won’t be too much success. If the team can get at least one of its two drivers into the quarterfinals, it would be a great achievement for Michael Jordan. But who could that person be? NASCAR reporter Jordan Bianchi recently made his views clear on the matter. The debate was between three drivers: Bubba Wallace, Tyler Reddick and Ross Chastain.

According to Bianchi, the No. 45 driver is most likely to win at Charlotte and solidify his place in the top eight. Tyler Reddick has been outstanding in road games this season. Earlier this year, he recorded an impressive win at COTA, one of the most iconic road courses on the calendar.

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In a recent episode of Disassembled, Bianchi said: “Redick was very confident on pit road after the game that he was going to move forward and his chances at Roval. I think he was right. I think if you look at it, we know Bubba Wallace, road The course still isn’t the best part of his game. He’s done a great job managing it this year, especially at Watkins Glen and Indy, but Reddick is the best road racer around. Period. He’s got a chance to go There, he could sweep both stages easily, you know. “He could win that game easily. ”

“I mean, he’s one of the guys on the hot list and one of the top five favorites to win. So I like him a lot. Chastain has been good on the road before, but that team Average performance, but out of those three, Redick has to be the choice, I don’t think anyone else can compete against Redick. Redick is very good on the road and very coordinated, and this team is great, it’s hard Don’t think they’re going to find a way, either to win the game or to get enough points.” Bianchi added.

Reddick finished 16th at Talladega. This was clearly not the best result for the No. 45 driver, and his comments led people to believe that there was some kind of internal conflict at 23XI Racing.

Amid rumored Bubba Wallace-Tyler Reddick relationship tension, Michael Jordan shares moment after Talladega

Tensions brewing between Michael Jordan’s drivers?

Before the Talladega race, Reddick made it clear that when push came to shove, each driver had to make it to the Top 8 on their own.


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“I mean, for the most part, you can help yourself by helping your production line. If you can get around coworkers or even teammates, that’s even better. So I wouldn’t say it’s too crazy, like You don’t sacrifice your route just because the guy in front of you is fighting in the same position as you to score,” He’s said it before.

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Bubba Wallace said something similar, further fueling fans’ suspicions of internal strife within the team.

“Yes, it’s nice to have someone to lean on and get some insights from, but at the end of the day they’re still competitors.” The driver of bus No. 23 said.


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At this stage of the Cup, every driver is fighting for themselves. There can only be one Cup Series champion. All that’s left is to see if one of Michael Jordan’s riders can make it all the way to the top.

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