Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore will see the next trailer before May December Todd Haynes.

The new film by Todd Haynes was released in May-December in the first beloved edits at the Cannes Film Festival, where there was no long trailer for it – which was first seen by such brilliant actresses as Natalie Portman or Julianne Moore.

May December The main story is based on the same story of Mary Kay Letourneau in America, where the story is turned towards her and she can be kept in custody until 12 years have passed. Sami Birch sits on her hands as a character, the film has description and meta-grep: you will find Hollywood scuspilleren Elizabeth Berry (Portman), as well as Letourneau figure Gracie Atherton-Yu (Moore) for the latter – for the henna hairpin in the TV movie.

Elizabeth will help me give Gracie to stop her from boarding the rental and he said it will be one more day and one day in the complex, which is the best family man for Gracie, then he has Joe Yu (Charles Melton) and another child with Joe, who was 13 years old, and Gracie returned home and again.

The trailers’ lyrics were used in conjunction with the tones of the film – this was Haynes’s first satire in the style of Far From Heaven (2002), and it was ham-cooked meats and other modes that were a century of associations associated with things and other details. Yes, a Man Can Be Safe (1995), nevnte Far from heaven Oh May December utgjør en slags “Moore more” trilogues? Plots also made in the musical theme of films, mainly from Michel Legrands score to “The Go-Between” (Joseph Losey, 1971).

The film has a tentative January 2024 theatrical release and an antagonistic strategy mid-Oscar season.

Try the game or forget about it! In the past there are several limited scenes from which there are films (in France or in America, among Netflix, which are available directly for the US).


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