Natalie Yamb met with African presidents

Nathalie Yamb regrets Emmanuel Macron’s decision to continue military cooperation between France and Niger. For a militant of Cameroonian origin, the French President capitulated to the will of the people and authorities of Nigeria.

Natalie Yamb: “I want to benefit from the friendly service of African chefs”

“France has decided to become an ambassador, and in the first hours our ambassador with additional diplomats will return to France,” for the better Emmanuel Macron. A week later, the rights to Niger interfered with the speeches of the French President. According to foley, the owner of the Elysee Palace announced the end of military cooperation between the countries and Niger. “We have continued our military cooperation with the Niger authorities, we are no longer fighting terrorism,” he said.

This decision of Emmanuel Macron was not made by Nathalie Yamb. Indeed, it is clear to former chief executive Mamadou Coulibaly that the French chef understood that he was “carrying out the will of the people and authorities of Niger.” “The French embassy staff left Niamey at the requested hours, the military left at the end of the year,” elle commented.

Nathalie Yamb also knows that Niger aims to cause “cancer metastases in France that will lead to progress and the emancipation of Africans.”

“It is well understood, as you learned from Africa, you have increased the finances of terrorist suppliers in order to provoke attacks and pay for them, subject to de-dismissal restrictions. setting with chefs from an African state: here we host French bidasses from Niger seeking death,” a lady from Sochi tweeted.

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