NBA games for today, Sunday, November 19: Schedule and calendar

The best basketball in the world is set to take place in the NBA this Sunday, November 19, and the emotions will continue from the afternoon into the night. So, here we tell you which games you can enjoy.

First thing in the morning, the Nets will look to take advantage of a slump from the Sixers, who got off to a great start but failures are starting to show up on their record.

Next up, their most intriguing game will be the current champion Denver Nuggets taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the end, LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers will have to continue correcting their path against the Houston Rockets, who also didn’t get off to the best start.

Here is the list of competitions:

matches time/channel
Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers 3:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Toronto Raptors vs. Detroit Pistons 7:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Indiana Pacers vs. Orlando Magic 5:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Denver Nuggets 6:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Dallas Mavericks vs. Sacramento Kings 7:30 PM | NBA League Pass
Utah Jazz vs. Phoenix Suns 8:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Memphis Grizzlies vs Boston Celtics 8:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Portland Trail Blazers vs Oklahoma City Thunder 9:00 PM | NBA League Pass
Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets 9:30 PM | NBA League Pass

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