NBA: NBA Cup Takeoff: Lakers vs. Celtics, LeBron’s dream, surprises…

dEka David Stern, promoter Office of the best basketball league in the world, nothing compares to the NBA Finals… between Lakers vs. Lakers. “ As a leader and “snake charmer,” Stern understands how to grow a league through sports flags. A lot has happened, but nothing has changed.and in The new in-season tournament (or NBA Cup), with only 8 contenders left to win, is full of hope. Las Vegas Classics: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics. They started out as candidates and qualified for a hypothetical title match.

NBA in-season tournament bracket.

NBA in-season tournament bracket.NBA

NBA in-season tournament dates and times

  • Eastern Conference First Quarter: Pacers-Celtics (5/12. 01:30)
  • Second Quarter Eastern Conference: Kings-Pelicans (5/12. 04:00)
  • Western Conference Section 1: Bucks-Knicks (6/12. 01:30)
  • Western Conference Section 2: Lakers-Suns (6/12. 04:00)
  • Eastern Conference Semifinals (7/12, TBD)
  • Western Conference Semifinals (7/12, TBD)
  • East-West Finals (9/12, to be determined)

he NBA in-season tournament from Hope becomes reality. Compared with the regular season, games are limited to improve competitiveness and differentiation. There were some problems in the fields though. “I felt bad. The pitch was really bad. I was sliding and the ball wasn’t really bouncing. “If we play on these courts, we have to make sure they’re stable,” Luka Doncic said. After falling and burying most of his options in New Orleans. Still, the competitiveness is admirable. Tight games, eliminated favorites — especially the last two finalists, the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat — and a dream Lakers-Celtics table, but Among them are favorites such as the Bucks, Suns or Revelation Kings who have not lost the cup.

If we play on these courts (courts in the NBA Cup), we have to make sure they are stable

Luka Doncic

Lakers, like a shot in the cup

Beyond the aesthetic value of the Cup, I do know that the dynamics of the Championship have changed as well. Let them tell that to the Lakers, who in a matter of hours went from disaster following a 44-game loss in Philadelphia to a crossroads facing security. They remain undefeated in their group and will face the Phoenix Suns, whom they have defeated in both games this season (100-95 and 119-122). LeBron, as the leader, will be looking for a championship. Because it adapts perfectly and because it is in sync with history. “This is another trophy he will have that Michael Jordan will never get. If we look at the debate about the best player of all time, there’s another side to it,” Chandler Parsons explained, Former NBA player, now a respected commentator.

Trophies are another important aspect in the all-time great battle between LeBron and Jordan

Chandler Parsons

Lakers take over LeBron’s house

Your crossroads will come from Surprise game: Sacramento Kings vs. New Orleans Pelicans. The Californians are a stylish team.Undefeated in the Cup, they knocked down the Warriors Overcame a 24-shot deficit and played in exciting style. Fast, maneuverable, and full of “gunners.” Domantas Sabonis has Jokic-like numbers (averaging over 25 points, 15 rebounds, and 60% shooting), Fox is a compulsive scorer, and they support someone like Monk Substitute players. After knocking off Houston under Doncic (41+9+9), the Pelicans will be the contenders and leaders.

Kings ‘kick Warriors out of Cup’ with one of season’s weirdest shots

giant of the east

There’s also the “Giant of the East” on the way to Las Vegas. The 76ers are missing games and their appearance is different from the regular season.But they are, with The odds for the semifinals are the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. Team from Wisconsin has all signed in group (4-0) They are a very different team to everyone else on the course.There, they seemed to have found the keys in Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who Two games (against the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards) could add up to over 60 points. They will face the Knicks, who hold a wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference.

And motivation from the Boston Celtics. In addition to being the Lakers’ eternal rival (which they already have), they were the best team in the first half of the season, more than making up for their loss to the Orlando Magic. The pass caused “controversy” by forcing a foul on Andre Drummond to resolve his classification issue. “This is not the way basketball should be played,” Jaylen Brown explained.. They could win their first championship as a project, with Brown himself and Tatum as the headliner.

Celtics-Bulls controversy: Why did you win by 20 points despite committing an intentional foul?

If you love basketball, you gotta check out the Pacers…they have four or five incredible killers

Kevin Garnett

Of course, your pass will be one of the most expensive. Maybe not for the spotlight, but for the competition. They faced a strong Indiana Pacers team led by Tyrese Haliburton, who was already a star (25.9 points, 11.9 assists, TC shooting rate 51.8%). “If you like him, you’ve got to look at those guys. They’ve got four or five huge killers. We’ve never seen anyone like Haliburton,” basketball legend Kevin Garnett said in his admitted on the ShowTime podcast.

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