Netflix, films and series that will be released in August 2023: plots and titles

St.u Netflix ends the second season in August Advocate With Mickey Haller fight dirty process Lisa Trammel. And if we talk about lawsuits, then there is a documentary series in three episodes on the case Johnny Depp and Amber Heard which keeps millions of viewers glued to TV and social media.

Hot and Erotic Movies: Fifteen Titles to Watch on Netflix

Hot and Erotic Movies: Fifteen Titles to Watch on Netflix

Gal Gadot turns into a kind of spy alla Ethan Hunt in a spy thriller Heart of stonewhile living Dead they return to comedy Zombies 100: 100 things to do before you die starring Akira Tendō, a man who hoped for a supernatural event to never go to the office again. Here he is satisfied, and so the end of the world becomes a joyful day for Akira. On Netflix young ghost hunters Ghostbusters: Legacy.

Netflix: series and movies will be released in August 2023

Advocate part 2. From August 3

Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), the most famous lawyer and sexual from Los Angeles, will be able to close a case involving his partner Lisa Trammel? For the first time, he participates in the defense of the defendant with whom he is in a relationship. The last time we saw him was kicked and kicked in the garage.

In the second part of season 2 Mickey goes to the hospital. After hospitalization, he is again ready to take on the protection of Lisa, charged with Bondurant’s murderan influential entrepreneur building new buildings in downtown Los Angeles. lincoln lawyer What other obstacles will he have to overcome? AND Lisa Is she really as innocent as she claims to be? Your Mickey has doubts.

heart congestion 2. From August 3

Where were we at the end of the first season from the LGBTQ+ series based on the novel Alice Osman? Relationship between Charlie and Nick were cornered: the first left and left the rugby team for Nick, and the second was afraid of a possible exit. Despite some difficulties, the two are getting closer again, they kiss and find a visible serenity.

In the second season, the main characters will overcome some obstacles which ruins their relationship. However, a school trip to Paris will help relieve stress.. Even the relationship between Tara and Darcy runs into unexpected difficulties. Tao and El try to find out if they have something more than friendship. heart congestion they face new challenges of life, love and friendship.

“Heartbreaker 2”. (Netflix)

Painkiller. from August 10

Miniseries explores Origins and consequences of the opioid market in Americatelling the stories of those in charge, victims and people whose lives were turned upside down with the inventionOxyContin.

Painkillertaken from the book Painkillers: The Empire of Deception and America’s Great Opioid Epidemic Barry Meyer and from an article published in the New Yorker The family that built the empire of pain it focuses on crime, accountability, and a system that has repeatedly failed to protect hundreds of thousands of Americans. Among the executive producers there is an Oscar winner Alex Gibneyand between interpreters Matthew Broderick and West Duchovny, the actor’s daughter Secret materials Davis.

Depp vs Heard. From August 16

process between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard still judging on TV. Netflix offers a series of documents that explain the whole process from the courtroom after testimony from both sides. Director Emma Cooper has over 200 hours of recording.

Battle in the courtroom between the two actors and ex-spouses began in 2022 and has become one of the most popular media events on both television and TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. Johnny Depp was acquitted while heard was ordered to make amends 10 million dollars. Litigation during which details were revealed abuse and on alcohol addictionit was one of the few times the debate was filmed live by cameras.

Girl in a mask. From August 18

Since morning Kim Mo-mi she works in an office and is insecure about her appearance. However, at night he becomes alone streamers With face covered with a maskuntil she gets into an unexpected accident with dramatic consequences.

From 24 August will be available on Netflix third season of fantasy Ragnarok. The series is based on Norse mythology. fictional city of Eddanestled in vast and impressive nature Northern Europe, and focuses on residents, some of whom may not be who they say they are. Climate change is causing the ice to melt and winters are getting hotter: another Ragnarok is coming?

The cast of Ragnarok. (Netflix)

One piece. From 31 August. Netflix

The younger ones know this very well. Japanese animated series one piece. Netflix now offers a version live actionp, in the manner of a colossus Disney. Monkey d Luffy young adventurer in search of a dream.

One day he leaves his village to go on a journey in search of One Piece legendary treasure and become King of pirates. To get into this adventure, he must hire a team of friends with whom he will have to search along and across the ocean. This will be prevented by marines and enemies who want to take possession of the very rich one piece.

The main characters of One Piece. (Netflix)

Zombies 100: 100 things to do before you die. From August 3

Akira Tendō (Eiji Akaso) works at a company where abuse is commonplace, endless work hours, boss harassment, and tasks that defy all logic. He spends his days feeling more dead than alive.

Morning, the city is overrun with zombies, AND Akira he cannot wait: instead of worrying about a catastrophic situation, he is overcome by a feeling of freedom and happiness, because he will finally no longer have to go to the office. Thanks to his innate optimism, he develops list of 100 things to do before becoming a zombieincluding cleaning the house and camping on the balcony.

Heart of stone. From August 11

After amazing woman Actress Gal Gadot to star in spy thriller Heart for stonein which he plays a spy Rachel Stonetype James Bond And Ethan Hunt in women’s. She works for Charters, an organization that fights to keep peace in a troubled world. The strength of the organization is given by the so-called Heartthe one who takes possession of the artifact holds the whole world in his hands.

One day the Heart will disappear and Racher will have to get it back at all costs. Film directed by Peaky Blinders Tom Harper. Near Gal Gadot There is Jamie DornanChristian Gray from the trilogy Fifty Shades.

Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone. (Netflix)

Ghostbusters: Legacy. From August 17

Heritage Ghostbusters is in the hands of a group of very young people. Jason Reitmanson Ivanwho led the cult Eightymade a film with an amazing effect of nostalgia. WITH Ghostbusters: Legacythe adventures of the ghost hunters are back with a bang. In fact, a new chapter in Reitman’s own saga is in the works.

Trevor (Finn Wolfhard), Phoebe (Mckenna Grace) and Podcast (Logan Kim).

A single mother with two children came to a small town, Spengler (daughter and grandchildren of the mythical ghost hunter played by Dan Aykroyd), begin to discover their connection with the mythical Ghostbusters and the secret legacy left by his grandfather.


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