Netflix movies to watch in August

Even in the middle of summer and on vacation, streaming fans can look forward to new games available on Netflix. The platform currently has over 230 million subscription service subscribers in over 190 countries. In Italy, in August, the catalog of series and games in many languages ​​was replenished with new films. Here are the next releases and the date they will be available.

“The Seven Deadly Sins: The Malice of Edinburgh”: Part 2

Available from8 August. The second part of the cartoon based on “Seven Deadly Sins”. Popular comic book created Nakaba Suzukialmost 40 million copies have been sold. Tristan reunited with Lancelot for the first time since their dramatic accident. He has another difficult venture ahead of him: he must learn to defeat his shadows and the demons he carries within him in order to save his mother. Elizabeth.

‘Heart of stone’

Available from11th August. This is a spy drama. Gal Gadot interprets Rachel, a secret service agent caught in the middle of two critical situations: on the one hand, his global organization of the world, on the other, the disappearance of the Heart, a codename indicating his most valuable asset, but not without dangers. Also in the cast Jamie Dornan, Alia Bhatt and Matthias Schweighofer.

‘One piece’

Available from August 31. This is a live action adaptation of the famous manga. Eiichiro Oda, the best-selling in Japanese history. The scenario is, of course, the same as in the legendary adventure on the high seas with the main character. Monkey d Luffyin search of freedom. Luffy leaves his village to embark on a dangerous journey. He wants to take possession of the treasure one piece and become the king of the pirates. However, for this, Luffy will have to assemble a team, find a boat, probe the sea far and wide, sow nautical and mislead enemies.

‘Choose Love’

Available from August 31. The film is the first interactive romantic comedy on the Netflix platform. This means that sentimental choice of characters will be completely controlled by the audience. The main story revolves around Kami ConwayIn execution Laura Marano. Kami works as a sound engineer and is about to start a family with her boyfriend. Paul (Michael Foster). But she feels that something is missing. This feeling has something to do with Rex Gallier (Avan Jogia), a charming English rock star, entered his studio, or with Jack (Jordie Webber), her first love, gone to travel the world? Viewers will be able to choose numerous scenarios and even alternative endings.

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