new ascent for the Roman group

After receiving the MTV Best Rock award and a flying kiss from Taylor Swift, another success came to Maneskin: a dedication to “New…




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After winning the MTV Best Rock award and being kissed by Taylor Swift, another success came to Maneskin: being featured in the New York Times. A long article in an American newspaper actually identified the Roman group as “the most greatest Italian rock band of all time

Taylor Swift and Damiano from Maneskin, gossip flares up: she kisses him at the MTV Music Awards


In an article published in The New York Times, journalist Dan Brooks traced Maneskin’s latest tour, focusing on appearances in Rome and Milan. Having attended both concerts and dinner with the band, the journalist described them as “the only rock stars of their generation and almost certainly the greatest Italian rock band of all time.

Among the stereotypes about Rome, traffic jams, heat, breakfasts and cigarettes, the New York Times praised it like this: Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas, members of the group. He also looks back on his career, from second place on the X Factor in 2017 to winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Song Contest In 2021, having experienced triumph at the Sanremo festival that year, Dan Brooks explained the reasons for the rock band’s success and then also took a tour of the history of this musical genre.

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