Lembo tells us the secrets of Anema and Cora: “Lopez is magnetic, Ferranes quarrel.” And what about Moneskin and Salvini … – MOU

TAmong the other regulars, who impressed you the most? “Out of love, I speak of Alessandro Preziosi, who was close to my father from childhood; it is no coincidence that when he comes to a tavern, he sings, and he does not do it anywhere … Read more

Melozzi rebukes the municipality of Rome: “Travis Scott is not suitable for the Circus Maximus. But it’s about making money.” And about Måneskin, Achille Lauro and autotune… – MOW

TOabout another parenthesis. Autotune and controversy promoted by Bersani, what does he say? “I’m actually a big proponent of autotune, I would also use it in political speeches to add some color.” So this is a plausible argument? “The era of singers just ended in … Read more