Melozzi rebukes the municipality of Rome: “Travis Scott is not suitable for the Circus Maximus. But it’s about making money.” And about Måneskin, Achille Lauro and autotune… – MOW

TOabout another parenthesis. Autotune and controversy promoted by Bersani, what does he say? “I’m actually a big proponent of autotune, I would also use it in political speeches to add some color.” So this is a plausible argument? “The era of singers just ended in harmony … Of course, Bersani is a monument, and, to … Read more

Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus, Utopia World Premiere Concert in Rome. With Kanye

The world premiere of the Houston rapper’s tour took place in Rome. Sixty thousand people arrived in the capital from all over the world not to miss this historic event, even more magical by the presence of an unexpected guest (greeted with applause). Ninety minutes of live streaming, in which the hits of the latest … Read more