Melozzi rebukes the municipality of Rome: “Travis Scott is not suitable for the Circus Maximus. But it’s about making money.” And about Måneskin, Achille Lauro and autotune… – MOW

TOabout another parenthesis. Autotune and controversy promoted by Bersani, what does he say?

“I’m actually a big proponent of autotune, I would also use it in political speeches to add some color.”

So this is a plausible argument?

“The era of singers just ended in harmony … Of course, Bersani is a monument, and, to be precise, I have his records at home, and not the Ebbast Sphere. Moreover, if you call me for cooperation, it will be an honor for me. But about auto-tuning – an outdated dispute.

He contributed to the success of both: what lacked Achille Lauro to match the feat of Moneskin?

“Of course, the combination of four cool, spontaneous and extraordinarily good guys is important. But Lauro is equally capable and affectionate, warm-hearted person. What did he miss? The right chance and the right staff with international views. Let’s not forget that Moneschin and Achille Lauro started with the same person, Fabrizio Ferraguzzo. Maybe at that time it was better to stay at Sony? This passage, as important as it was, made it impossible for him to continue working with it, which was an artistic added value.”

Having just won the big challenge, Night of the Serpent, what else is at stake?

“La Notte dei Serpenti has achieved incredible results and will also be broadcast on Rai Uno, what can I say… there are other similar formats, but they are not broadcast in the first edition. We are satisfied; other projects? There are many of them, and they are in the process. I hope that one day I can make my debut at La Scala with one of my operas and demonstrate to everyone that a great and true culture is popular.”

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