¡Dios Plan! Drake shows up with a plastic bag filled with money at a strip club.

El turnip Canadian DrakeI also recognize you above musiche can be recognized by his eccentricity, he can be caught strippers in a nightclub, in Atlanta, where there is more than one person. That’s why I took one to the next place Transparent cash register full of money. Hoping for your new life album “For all … Read more

Drake goes on record with the dilemma beloved of “For All Dogs”: “Cancelo la gira o…”

Drake has delayed the release of his next album For all dogsBecause of the energy and time demands, that means getting the It’s All a Blur Tour back on track. So, the new job launch date is October 6th. The Canadian rapper read the news on Instagram. “Well, the dilemma I’m facing is whether I … Read more

They were sent home after threats from Offset and Cardi B.

After the previous VMAs, Offset and Nicki Minaj are at war. Pendant 120 days. Collision takes amps. Just days after Offset and Cardi B appeared in a video posted to Instagram, Nicki Minaj’s wife Kenneth Petty has been accepted residence permit for a period of 120 days. After the judges, these last actions are part … Read more

Ladies First is a super playlist of Netflix docuseries dedicated to the queens of hip-hop.

It just arrived on Netflix Ladies First: A History of Women in Hip-Hopmini-series from first-time director Hannah Beachler that explores female MCs, DJs and producers and how they influenced a music genre that is 50 years old and still going strong today. Backed by a truly explosive soundtrack, we’ve created a playlist where you can … Read more

Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus, Utopia World Premiere Concert in Rome. With Kanye

The world premiere of the Houston rapper’s tour took place in Rome. Sixty thousand people arrived in the capital from all over the world not to miss this historic event, even more magical by the presence of an unexpected guest (greeted with applause). Ninety minutes of live streaming, in which the hits of the latest … Read more

Rap also goes to parliament: who is good to quote Frankie Hi-Nrg in the House (VIDEO) – MOW

Crazy thing, but historical. In August 2023, rap enters parliament: MP Francesco Borrelli quoted the famous 1997 single by Franke hai-nrg verbatim: “Quelli che benpensano”. But why did he quote a song from 26 years ago? Maybe because they don’t write decent lyrics anymore in the songs? Or why can’t the songs of 2023 reflect … Read more

Nahaze: “In Kiddo, I kill (metaphorically) my man for the right to be fragile.” Model? “Travis Scott, but Achille Lauro…” – MOW

houryou have an English mother and are bilingual. Have you ever thought about an artistic dimension aimed at the UK market? This may be my ultimate goal. My fanbase is now in Italy and I want to keep making things here. But the British market does not scare me. My work “Control” (2020) was featured … Read more