Birds of Prey: This video was created by Margot Robbie in complete delight.

The Australian actress claims to have achieved all the same feats for this film, returning to TF1 at the end of the weekend. Margot Robbie I say this with pride: she realized the quasi-integrity of her cascades in Birds of Prey (and the Fantastic Story … Read more

A Curse or a New Adventure (Real Estate) by Emma Stone (Gang Announcement)

Oscar-winning actress in pas-peur-de-travo-ambie! And she tours in two episodes. Preuwe. After stunning success Creatures of Povres de Yorgos Lanthimos in Mostra de Veniz, Emma Stone Apparaîtra prochainement in one episode, satirical title Damn. So-kree at par Benjamin Safdie Here you will find what you … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Cardi B Was ‘So Shy’ When They First Met

Cardi B was “so shy” when she first met Megan Thee Stallion. During an interview with Billboard, the 28-year-old shared details about her relationship with her friend and collaborator Cardi B. “As far as friendship goes, it’s so real,” Megan said of Cardi. “When I … Read more