Nahaze: “In Kiddo, I kill (metaphorically) my man for the right to be fragile.” Model? “Travis Scott, but Achille Lauro…” – MOW

houryou have an English mother and are bilingual. Have you ever thought about an artistic dimension aimed at the UK market?

This may be my ultimate goal. My fanbase is now in Italy and I want to keep making things here. But the British market does not scare me. My work “Control” (2020) was featured in the Netflix series “Baby” and received excellent reviews. Let’s just say I’m also keeping a close eye on what’s going on outside our borders. Lately, always in terms of TV series, I’ve been very impressed with Idol starring The Weeknd.

What struck you?

Well, here there is a big debate about how free our era is, how much self-expression is possible through unapproved art. Idol puts the American record market under a magnifying glass. This shows how big companies are guiding the public towards particularly “safe” confections that are easy and quick to consume, instead of risking something more artistic.

Do you feel able to maintain a balance, given, on the one hand, the needs (not to mention the “pressure”) of the market, and on the other hand, by no means secondary, your legitimate desire to create a strong artistic identity?

Yes, but I think it needs a pulse. Knowing what you want to do, where you want to go. If the targets are not completely in focus, you will get lost. If the work is strong and you like it, I think it’s natural to invest in it, without extra calculations. Travis Scott’s new album “Utopia” has just been released. This is the dark album he announced as the most commercial part of the whole record. But the album is dense, really dark, proof that sometimes our most accessible part is just the surface of something more complex and deeper.

Would you consider him a role model, Travis Scott?

Yes, because in his recordings he feels like an artist. Always. Although sometimes it can use something lighter as a tugboat.

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