SMA Bootcamp: Infection.Laboratory research and proper stewardship of antibiotics

The fourth call of the course is infection. Laboratory Research and Adequate Stewardship of Antibiotics, 8.52 credits, can be assessed and scored on the OPE and BAGS scales. Registration will open at 10:00 am tomorrow, don’t sleep!

  • Course start date: August 2 2023
  • Course end date: November 30, 2023
  • workload: 8.52 credits
  • Available locations: 250 square
  • training purpose: Physicians in all subspecialties Andalusian Medical Federation.
  • Tomorrow at 10 am on August 2, the registration period will open and will end soon, so stay tuned.

The Andalusian Medical Federation observed Need to update training actions exist Infections: Laboratory Studies and Proper Administration of Antibiotics. this kind prevention They are constantly changing, and this training operation will update the “Professional Plot” so that they can provide better healthcare services to citizens and improve their professional skills by participating as students.

The training method adopted in this training operation will be e-learning.Before completing the course, students will Prior Knowledge Test and Expectation Questionnaire«.After the course, students must satisfaction survey.

This course is taught by A range of topics or moduleseach module consists of a document in PDF format with its corresponding bibliography, as well as a presentation in Power Point format and a multiple-choice questionnaire consisting of a series of questions (4 possible answers and 1 unique valid answer ). To pass the training activities, you must answer more than 80% of the questions correctly for each module and clinical case.

this by request The class will be Read all the teaching materials on the platform, take tests of prior knowledge, expectations questionnaires, complete satisfaction surveys, pass each assessment proposed and become a member, from the beginning to the end of the training action, organized by the Andalusian Medical Union in its 8 provinces some provinces.

syllabus. Infections: laboratory studies and proper administration of antibiotics.

Topic 1. Usefulness of biomarkers of the inflammatory response. Fever syndrome.

Topic 2. Antimicrobials in emergencies.

Topic 3. Primary or catheter-associated bacteremia.

Topic 4. Exacerbation of chronic obstructive disease.

Topic 5. Community-acquired pneumonia.

Topic 6. Deep neck infection.

Topic 7. Skin and soft tissue infections.

Topic 8. Bone and joint infections.

Topic 9. Infections of the central nervous system.

Topic 10. Intra-abdominal infection.

Topic 11. Urinary tract infection.

Topic 12. Infective endocarditis.

Topic 13. Infections in patients with neoplastic haematological disorders.

Topic 14. Infections with suspected drug-resistant microorganisms.

Topic 15. Infections in older adults: etiological features, risk stratification and management.

Topic 16. Sexually transmitted diseases.

After passing the course assessment Students will be able to download the diploma of the training action from the same training platform once the call for relevant courses is closed. Answer your doubts You can contact us in the following ways e-mail:


Do you want to take a course?

The only requirements that need to be met to enroll in this course are yes SMA affiliates in some of its 8 provinces. If you are not already enrolled and you want to carry out our training actions, you will need to, for which we recommend that you contact the appropriate Provincial Medical Society.

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