Mila Kunis heads out to dinner in Los Angeles amid controversy after she and husband Ashton Kutcher praised convicted rapist Danny Masterson in letters to the court

Charlotte Dean and Adam S. Levy for 05:28 04 Oct 2023, updated 05:34 04 Oct 2023 The 40-year-old actress was pictured heading to Los Angeles eatery The Nice Guy. She and Kutcher came under fire last month for sharing letters of support for their … Read more

The concert chaos of Negramaro (and before Springsteen, Gigi D’Alessio and Travis Scott): what the fuck or happens to live? The response of the organizers and artists – MOW

In May, when the people of Romagna are still in the water (literally) in their throats, the Boss doesn’t bat an eyelid and plays the same thing. A few days ago, a dissatisfied public, an illness and a final fight from Gigi D’Alessio, who apologized … Read more