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It’s absurd what’s going on. A video launched by Dagospia of banker Massimo Segre, who dumps his fiancée Cristina Saimandi during their engagement because, as he reveals, she is cheating on him, has gone from a favorite Italian joke to a real media pillory in just 24 hours against a man accused of being even a “cruel” and “pathological narcissist”. It’s just a shame that if a woman said the same words, she would already be a champion of new feminism. Like Shakira…

“Man! Man! Now we may well replace this exclamation of alarm with a more general and ancient one that instead pointed to the wolf as a threat to personal safety. We must go back to the double standard short circuits again, and we must do it urgently, because our happy society still does not fall into any of them. And massively taking sides via social media to potentially cause even more damage. Unless you flew SpaceX on the afternoon of August 9 with Elon Musk to Mars, you must have seen the video posted by Dagospia in which two more than rich Turinians surrender. At their own engagement party, he, Massimo Segre, takes the microphone and lists with enviable aplomb the reasons why, surprisingly, he will no longer marry his partner Cristina Seimandi. “I give you the freedom,” he tells her, “the freedom to go to Mykonos with the person you really love” (probably a wealthy local lawyer). Be that as it may, after a very abundant laughter generated by a wild clip, here today the best (?) minds of our creamy intelligentsia are tearing their clothes, pointing their finger at that beast, Segre, who dared to commit an insane act. get away from a woman who, perhaps, did not love him too much. Instead of marrying her anyway and shutting up, one might assume. In many circles, he is called “cruel” (even?), while there are those who, with an overnight psychology degree, even diagnose an unfortunate person with a narcissistic personality disorder. And all this for a simple reason, clearly implied: Segre is a man, if he were a woman, today he would be the new Barbie champion of female empowerment. And it’s not a guess. Just think about how Shakira was elevated to the idol of the masses for this song about revenge (and all the other infamy) against the former infidel Gerard Pique.

TOAt first we thought they were just summer trolls. Under an umbrella is a bit boring, it’s common knowledge. So why not push the little story of the day, the one on everyone’s lips, flip it and give us a few likes? But yes. Thus, Christian Raimo’s intervention via Twitter (sorry, X!) might have seemed (and we still hope it does) as the result of a simple desire to make a joke. It starts with the alleged “violence” that Segré might have done to his partner and concludes that since this video is in all online newspapers, “it is useless to attend cyberbullying courses in schools.” This will be a joke, it is impossible to take such a tirade seriously. However, soon comes confirmation that the “mood” for “Temptation Island” a la parody among rich people is distorted …

AND arrives early from Colombia, where Selvaggia Lucarelli spends the winter on vacation. Our siesta was interrupted by an outstretched leg interference against Segre. He describes the video as “dismal” and from that point on he’s poking the banker’s pores: “passive-aggressive boomer (…) with the composure of a serial killer.” In conclusion, he notes: “Those who applaud this man, I remind you that this is violence. Segre is not injured at all: he is a narcissist full of himself who has planned his revenge with clarity and humiliates her in order to heal not the pain, but the narcissistic wound. And in fact, the reparation takes place publicly, because he needs: not to talk about his suffering, but to win. By killing her.”

Even the semantic choice of terms causes shivers: “serial killer” who ultimately “kills”, albeit in a “brutal” way, the victim. Sorry, this could be taken from the encyclical of Pope Francis, but this spathafiata, like the previous one, is bullshit from beginning to end. And certainly not for individuals, but for the sake of common sense (provided that it still exists and is not considered a “patriarchal” term, who knows, maybe even “fascist”).

St.and hundreds of thousands of grazing geese and noble ducks are already reposting what Lucarelli wrote, as well as many others in line with the “trend”, expressing great censure of Segre, we say that we are frankly horrified. Horrified by a society that delegates its critical meaning (prayer!) to the hashtags of the moment, to what is shouted on social media, to those who garner the most revering hearts. Could Segre handle the delicate situation at home? Yes, sure. But why do it? We are returning from the very popular issue fourteen of Temptation Island, every day on TV, even in the summer, at any time people tell their facts at the mercy of millions of viewers. It may be a little late to resent, even if quite bourgeois, the fact that the media has become an outlet for everyone who keeps their finger on the pulse. In fact, it’s just a ridiculous anachronism. Meanwhile, Segre is the worst person in the world, despite speaking “with a broken heart”.

Just a few months ago, singer Shakira was chosen as the queen of female empowerment, as well as the idol of the masses, for recording a “revenge song” for her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique.. We are talking about a global hit aimed at “denigrating”, this time yes, indeed, a football player, “guilty” of having betrayed her. Except that he, Porello, was not called “Christina”. Then give it to the unbeliever! And give it to the crook in front of the public, of course, but not at a private party, in front of the public of the whole world. Viewers from all over the world, who responded with glee, despite the fact that the song was not very good, to the exclamation: “Women don’t cry, women bill.” What about men? Men, on the other hand, have to suffer. Only horns. Maybe talk about it at home, but don’t make too many scenes. Who knows, take on betrayal and slander, because, as men, they deserve the dirtiest things. No one called Shakira “narcissistic” or “cruel,” let alone “serial killer,” even when she posted an Instagram video of herself humming “I could kill my ex” while sweeping the house.

Nomale ascerat is today and today the original sin, which cannot be eradicated, regardless of thoughts, words, deeds, or opinions (which, in any case, it is better never to express, for a quiet life). Any man should get up in the morning and confess at least one superstitious Mea Culpa in the hope of not tweeting something that could be considered even vaguely offensive to the Erinyes he now has to deal with. In social networks, as in real life, because media communication, as it has always been, creates an opinion, a mass opinion: most people repeat what they hear more often. et voilà, here we come to an a priori war between the sexes, where a man is always an animal, eternally holy, an impeccable woman, a victim, a martyr.

An unbalanced distinction that, in the end, does not serve either of the two “fronts”: the person comes out very limited, as if he were literally the Ken character in Barbie. Forced to walk on eggshells to avoid being attacked with violence, it can be defined as such, the Erinyes entry mentioned above. Women, on the other hand, can be very angry, but they are comfortable in the position of victims, also because it is a great prospect to always be right, no matter what and how. Comfortable, yes, but also humiliating. Dreaming of a society of equals, in which everyone, regardless of gender, can be considered on the basis of their actions as a subject, as a person, as a person, never resembles these distant utopias. Let’s wake up, please. Even if it doesn’t stick.

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