Lembo tells us the secrets of Anema and Cora: “Lopez is magnetic, Ferranes quarrel.” And what about Moneskin and Salvini … – MOU

TAmong the other regulars, who impressed you the most? “Out of love, I speak of Alessandro Preziosi, who was close to my father from childhood; it is no coincidence that when he comes to a tavern, he sings, and he does not do it anywhere … Read more

Barbie Girl, Aqua single from 1997 is back on the peak of popularity and sets records – Tempo Libero

Little remains relevant after half a century. Well, Barbie did just that, returning to the spotlight thanks to the movie of the same name. Success in the cinema, which is also declining on YouTube: in Italy, from the beginning of April to July 31, 2023, … Read more

Heather Parisi, but your daughter? Salvini’s karaoke, the Maneskin in the bathroom and… gossip with Roberto Alessi – MOW

down Matteo Salvini, they tried to spoil his party, but they were also wrong The party organized for his birthday turned into ua. Tide of controversy, everything was born from a tweet from Nicola Porro, my friend, who posted a video in which Giorgia Meloni … Read more