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Matteo Salvini, they tried to spoil his party, but they were also wrong

The party organized for his birthday turned into ua. Tide of controversy, everything was born from a tweet from Nicola Porro, my friend, who posted a video in which Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvino were seen singing Marinella’s song. We are all shocked by the drowned dead of Cutro and whoever believes, pray for them. But how can it be considered a lack of respect that Marinella’s song is sung at a private party (Salvini’s birthday)? In addition, perhaps to make the matter more serious, it is renamed (one of Fabrizio De André’s most beautiful poems in music) “the drowned song” and some artists who worked at Mediaset also wrote it. Compassion for the dead or political tussle? One detail: Marinella’s song does not speak of a drowned girl, but of a girl who came from the south to Milan, a dancer, then forced into prostitution, shot dead and then thrown into the river. But perhaps this detail is not convenient for the political tussle: is it better to call it more prosaically “The drowned canton”?


Mr Rain for Juliana Ghidini: «Third place in Sanremo, but first in my heart»

Another revelation from Sanremo for those like me who don’t understand a cioppa lippa about music (but now know one of his fans) is Mister Rain, Mattia Balardi, born in 1990, the rapper was born and raised in Desenzano del Garda, who sang at the Festival Super heroes. In truth he had ended up on the pages of Novella 2000 when Elisabetta Gregoraci was in the Big Brother house and one of his admirers from Montecarlo had sent a plane over the house with a phrase from the song by Mister Rain taken from the piece 9.3 and in the circle of Eli have made one plus one. “I found myself in a gossip bubble without having done anything.” Certainly Elisabetta had also known her well on ‘Battiti Live’ and «she is a fan of mine and she knows all my songs by heart». Mr Rain on the other hand is very engaged and in love and not even for a day but for six years! She is Juliana Ghidini with whom she has shared a beautiful love story for six years and who says of him: «Third place in Sanremo, but first in my heart» in addition she is also a fan of the poetess Alda Merini (Mr Rai because don’t you set a poem of his to music?). Juli, for your information, for many (including my wife Betta) he finished first anyway.


Valerio Staffelli, thieves on vehicles, free, violent and happy, and are there politicians who also defend them?

Is Valerio Staffelli of Striscia la Notizia exasperated by his encounters with the pickpockets he has been filming on the Milan subway for years? Here is a dialogue seen in Striscia Lui: “But how, the day after without problems you go back to stealing right away?”. She insulting him: «What do you want from me? I do my job.” “Is your job stealing?” Staffelli asks. «I do», she replies and even threatens him. New insults: «What do you care if I steal?». «It interests me, because it is not right for you to go and steal from people. The police are also interested in the carabinieri too ». But the Roma thief (woe to call her a gypsy) counters: “No, she doesn’t care, the police don’t care about anything”, and insults her. But do you know who is right between the two? The Roma thief because when they catch her, they free her thanks to the law which provides for her to be arrested if there is a precise complaint (but how do the victims know the name of whoever robs them with skill?), if they are pregnant (and their males they impregnate them because they put paternity first in their lives) are still freed. The mass happened in Rome where a transport operator warned customers over the loudspeaker: “Beware of gypsies”. He was immediately sanctioned as guilty, while the thieves continued their honest work. But the worst is not over: a councilor of the Lombardy region wrote: “This habit of filming people caught stealing from Milan’s ATM vehicles and of spreading the videos on Instagram pages with hundreds of thousands of followers is violence, and it is very worrying. Point”. Translated: if they steal the pension with which you feed your family, perhaps it is serious, but it is unacceptable that the image of those who ruin your life and humiliate you is publicly pilloried, should they be protected, should they too, the thieves? So: is stealing a job that must be respected? It would seem that a politician says it. The worst? Someone elected him.

PS. Ah, speaking of the politically incorrect terms rightly forbidden to us by militant intellectuals, here is the recording taken from the bugs placed by the police that pick up the conversations of a gang of Roma thieves: «Italy is a paradise for gypsies!». Laugh. “The country of amusement for the gypsies”. Who speaks of her is a lady of Roma ethnicity who expresses all her love for the Belpaese with a colleague of hers. I fully agree with her.


Jacquiline Luna hasn’t seen her mother Heather Parisi for 10 years

Heather Parisi interviewed by Francesca Fagnani in Belve who asked her about the relationship of her daughter Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo with the singer Ultimo, her boyfriend for at least two years, she glossed over. «Are you happy to be Ultimo’s mother-in-law?», Francesca Fagnani asks her and she :: «Whose? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The former dancer after marrying Giorgio Manenti in 1994 (her first daughter Rebecca was born) after her divorce in 2000 Jacqueline became the mother of her, had with the orthopedic Giovanni Di Giacomo. With her third husband, the entrepreneur Umberto Maria Anzolin, in 2010 she had twins, Elizabeth and Dylan. Her daughter didn’t take it well, obviously. Is it possible that in the age of social media and the Internet, she knows absolutely nothing about a daughter (very clever, by the way) and her boyfriend, a top-level singer? “I haven’t seen my mother for 10 years,” Jacquiline points out, which already suggests too much. Enough? No, because shortly before being paved by her daughter on her social networks, Heather had to pay what she owed to Lucio Presta. In Beasts’ dressing room after the broadcast Heather Parisi found herself a bailiff and she had to pay, it seems. I read in the Corriere: «The story dates back to 6 years ago. Heather Parisi was part of Lucio Presta’s stable of clients when the former dancer started a legal battle against Arcobaleno Tre (the manager’s production company) because her film Blind Maze, which was to be broadcast by Rai, was skipped after the his controversy against Nemicamatissima (the show that saw Heather Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini together again on stage and which – the title had guessed – had proved to be extremely tormented). However, the public sphere had moved on to the private sector, because the former dancer had published a harsh attack on the Presta family on social networks, targeting her children. The court, in the first instance, sanctioned the conviction for defamation and illegal publication of images. But in the face of non-payment of the sums due, Presta has decided to take action on Italian TVs, “so if she works, I’ll foreclose her money”. “She did something she shouldn’t have done, not to me, but to my kids, who have called her an aunt all her life, and the kids felt it was only right for this thing to end up in a courtroom.” the manager explained at the time. «The thing that hurt me the most was when she published the photo of Emanuela (the deceased ex-wife, ed) and put sentences against me and against her children in her mouth. This is unforgivable.” And forgiveness never came!

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