New book of poems by Roberta Pisani in Marina di Massa

Misty Steps is the title of the second book of poems by Roberta Pisani of Massa (pictured awarded to Sandomenicino), a knight of the Republic for his services in various fields. The presentation of the work will take place tomorrow, Saturday, at 18.30, in the park of Villa Couturi in Marina di Massa. “Fog Steps” (Helicon Edition) is a collection that includes various aspects that affect the life of each of us: from love to pain, from suffering to joy, from death to rebirth, to the deepest emotions. A book that does not leave indifferent lovers of poetry and penetrates into the soul of the reader. “Poetry is a special niche for very sensitive people,” the author comments, “and we know that not everyone likes it, but it is precisely for this reason that the approach to this segment of literature cannot but enrich even the most skeptical reader.” The beauty of poetry, therefore, is like food for the soul, especially in this historical period, when, unfortunately, human dryness takes root.

The book will be presented by Marina Pratici, art critic and writer, as well as the ambassador of Italian culture in the world, with the assistance of Gaia Greco. The event will be enriched by the voice and sensuality of the actress Antonella Yanuale, who will read a few poems with musical interludes by the violinist Adele Casotti. The entrance is free.

Angela Maria Fruzzetti

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