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My friend, photographer Gary, came to the restaurant for aguadito de pato con ajicito y limón. For water, he asked for a jug of warm lotion. “Maria, in this modern age, the constant emergence of previously unknown diseases such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and bulimia is typical of urban life. But stress is one of the causes that are silent and cause great damage. sin, This happens to people who are restless, tense, have too much work, too many problems, not so in the countryside where life is more peaceful, peaceful and people don’t care about when they go to work or go home. In the long run, those who suffer from stress develop other diseases such as gastritis, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

Therefore, one should not commit suicide by working or doing several things at the same time. You always need to set aside a space for comfort, exercise or entertainment. You have to go out with your family more, go dancing, watch movies with the kids, travel (if you can), laugh, laugh more. When you get home, get away from work and worries. Only death is irreparable. If you have a problem, face it with courage and determination, and don’t think your life depends on it. Of course, you must take responsibility for your life. Fulfilling our responsibilities at work and at home. But it is irresponsible to work to the point of exhaustion until the strength is no longer available to us. I look up to those who have a great capacity for effort. I think they are an example, but they still need a space to rest. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day and get good sleep for a long time. Turn off your phone and laptop, close your windows, and enjoy a deep, restful sleep.

Follow these tips to avoid stress

  • Learn to recognize that some things cannot be changed. Doing this allows you to let them go without panicking or futile.
  • avoid stressful situations Likes repetitive and pointless discussions. Fix your life and close the door on these problems. Don’t live bitterly.
  • Do exercises or sports. It can be anyone. Football, volleyball, walking, tennis or cycling. Exercise can relax you and rid your body of toxins.
  • Change your perspective on life. Be optimistic. Neither sadness nor depression is good. You have to face everything bravely.
  • Do something that you really enjoy but for some reason you don’t. It could be learning to dance, play an instrument, or write poetry.
  • Learn a new way to relax, it could be yoga, tai chi or meditation. Watching TV can also help.
  • Connect with your loved ones. Call your dad, mom or sibling and remember the story. ” Gary was right. I’m leaving, you take care.

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