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Foreigners like it too, it’s bigger, hyper-technological and eco-sustainable, with twenty sound stages at full capacity and five under construction.

Angelina Jolie,

AND Nicola Maccanico, CEO and General Manager of Cinecittà on Venice’s Lido, to present to the press the new direction of the film studios on Via Tuscolana. A two-year period, the last during which we can again start talking about numbers of attraction and competitiveness both at the national level and for foreign productions, although in this second semester there are echoes of the strikes of foreign writers and actors. in the capital of the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild (Sag-Aftra).

The financial report for 2022 recorded a net profit of more than 1.8 million euros, with a turnover of 39 million euros more than doubling compared to 2021. In total, since September 2021 there have been more than 50 productions, of which 70% are international. The growing trend is also confirmed by the attention of foreign newspapers (New York Times, Guardian and Sunday Times), as well as the fact that four films competing in the official competition of the Venice Film Festival were filmed in Cinecittà (Comandante by Edoardo De Angelis). , Saverio Costanzo’s Alba At Last, Stefano Sollima’s Adagio, Pietro Castellitto’s Aenea), and upcoming titles include Angelina Jolie’s Without Blood and Michael Uppendahl’s The Decameron, a new Netflix series, Edward Berger’s Conclave, “M. “Century Child” by Joe Wright, “Ripley” by Steven Zaillian and “The Old Guard 2” by Victoria Mahoney.

There are currently 20 active sound stages (plus four external ones at the Lumina Studios site) and thanks to funds specifically allocated by Pnrr (an investment of 220 million euros, corresponding to 80% of the allocated amount), we will continue to work on the construction of five new theaters (already work has begun on the so-called T22 with an area of ​​3,650 square meters for equipment, audio-video control, dressing rooms, dressing rooms) and the reconstruction of four existing ones. Thus, in 2026, production capacity will increase by more than 60%.

“But the larger Cinecittà should not become a source of income for bulimics,” Maccanico notes that he is bidding on two strategic development factors: sustainable reuse of already created scenography (with a more cost-competitive proposal) and technological attractiveness. In this sense we are talking about the T18 Led Volume Stage, the latest generation studio with one of the largest LED walls for virtual filming in Europe (412 square meters of wall surface plus the same coverage area, LED ceiling screen area). and which allows you to recreate settings of all types. Opening in 2022, the space has already been used by Roland Emmerich, Angelina Jolie, Joe Right and Pietro Castellitto.

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