“Sounds of Elegance”, dinner event of the association “Il Borgo dei Poeti al Carmine” returns

“The Sound of Elegance” is an event created by the idea of ​​the association “Il Borgo dei Poeti al Carmine”, which also organized a dinner event that will be held in the premises in front of the crowns, who will take care of the gala dinner (by invitation only). For this occasion, Via Tasso will be closed to traffic.

Registration (rescheduled) to September 15 from 19.30.


The association “Il Borgo dei Poeti al Carmine” strives through its activities to improve the ancient area of ​​Padua, one of the most important in all of Padua. The event, organized and promoted by Wiennese and Aston Martin Verona of the Benati Group, is told to us by Ermanno Sguoto, owner of Wiennese, a famous restaurant and historic pastry shop in Padua.

Aston Martin DB-12

As part of the exhibition, it will be Veneto’s pre-presentation through Aston Martin Verona of the Benati Group of the all-new Aston Martin DB-12 model, the flagship of the British brand, which has renewed its partnership with the Viennese brand for the second year in a row as main sponsor. Aston Martin has always been the car of James Bond, His Majesty’s famous and charming secret agent.


After a successful “premiere” last year, the 2023 edition will be characterized by the musical project “Brit PoP”, in fact BRIT CALLING will pay tribute to British culture, through which many images of its music have become known throughout the world thanks to artists such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Sting, Adele, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, just to name a few.


In addition to Aston Martin Verona, other economic entities also contributed as sponsors, such as Chamapagne Thienot, Al Duca d’Aosta, Premiere Luxury Hotel, Franco Costruzioni, Trust Master, MFontana, Studio Cassoli. In fact, we were talking about solidarity. During the dinner there will be a fundraiser, the proceeds of which will be donated to the parish of the Basilica del Carmine to support its increasingly important social activities.


Lisa Pietrobon, a well-known and talented speaker at Radio Stereocittà, was invited to host the event. It is important to remember the important support of the municipality of Padua, which provided him with patronage.

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