new record!LeBron James breaks new NBA record

on the night of victory lakers against this Phoenix Suns, LeBron James Becoming the first player in history to write a singular chapter in his already impressive career NBA Turnover exceeds 5,000 transactions.

Despite the victory, the feat was “king“, since losing to the Suns four times, his personal score has reached 5000 3, setting a new record in this section. Previously, James had already led this historical ranking, surpassing such as Karl Malone and Russell Westbrook.

The record, while negative, highlights LeBron James’ longevity and consistency on the court.About to be performed 39 years oldJames holds the title of the oldest player in the NBA this year, and despite setting this new record, his performance shows no signs of declining.

Lakers average jersey number 23 3.5 shots per game in his career, so if he keeps up this pace, he might end up achieving something else Another 250 deliveries If you want to play all the remaining games of this season.

Despite 5,000 turnovers, LeBron James is the leading scorer and assists player in NBA history.

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