New single for Olivia Rodrigo

He he is only twenty years oldBut with his debut album he’s already reached exciting numbers, winning three grammys in categories “Best New Artist”, “Best Vocal Pop Album”, “Best Pop Solo Performance” and got one Special praise from critics for artistic maturity and writing ability,

Last year also settled his first tour with All 40 dates were sold out.

Now, Olivia Rodrigoreturns to talking with a Brand new single, “Vampire”paving the way for her second studio album Courage, Which is to be released on 8 September,

the song is now in the big category avenger song, it really seems Addressing Your Former “Hunger Sucker” (hence the symbolic title), which he addresses with slight anger and in no uncertain terms, which is understandable when you realize that the person you loved just wanted to take advantage of your infamy.

In the end though, Every apparent problem can be intelligently turned into an opportunity in which satisfaction remains,

First launched only on streaming platformin fact, piece debuted straight at number one on Spotify’s global charts with and Over 9 million streams in just one dayhas already earned the title of Highest opening of the year by a female artist with a single track,

welcome to this new wave of success for him and hello for you “vampire”,

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